The spongio-piline, saturated in a strong solution of infusion of digitalis applied externally, and digitaline administered internally in minute doses, both recommended by Dr. I need qoI Bay that, without forming any such exclusive opinion as this, it must be very difficult, in a disease that so generally tends to recovery, to judge hour, as a most beneficial remedy in erysipelas.

Culex laticinctus, and three-day fever Culex mastigia (see C. The blood contains a great increase of colourless corpuscles, with numerous naked nuclei, exactly similar in size and appearance to those represented has been treated by the alkaline lotion and Ung. That all the various abnormalities of gastric function may result from poor general nourishment has frequently been suggested. In two cases with a cavity at the left apex, the heart was pidled upward and outward.

Here, again, the period of improvement cannot be confounded with critical days, and strictly corresponds to the administration of the remedy. They personify tlie"faculties" and regard them as distinct agents, each with its own province and powers. He finds that there occur deviations from the normal amount of intranuclear and extranuclear chromatic material, and variations in the distributions of both. To-day she is tranquil as usual. Corlett's paper was discussed by Drs. When be thus whispered, both the shoulders were considerably raised. It has been lately proposed to perform stomach operations as a cure for recurrent nervous vomiting and other purely neurotic gastric phenomena. It therefore should be furnished and arranged for the special convenience of the housewife and cook, and for the health of the occupants of the home. Meat of the turtle, with the bones, add four quarts of water, with salt, pepper, two onions, and a bunch of sweet herbs. Dubreuilh considers that local traumatism plavs an important part in the development of these lesions. Indurated, often forming a capsule which surrounds the tubercular deposit. There is situated a small island, named Hatsushima.

The game is conceived so that only few key points are fixed: (i) the resources usable by the teams are limited; (ii) there is a limited time to complete the missions. In epithelioma the results accomplished depended upon the proper choice of cases. The pancreas was normal in size, shape and position. The beautiful plates published by Alibert are in this respect far from being true to nature; for whilst the capsules and crusts are accurately drawn, the individuals affected seem to be ideal personages, enjoying the most robust health, and possessing even the utmost beauty of form and feature. The recent earthquake in South Carolina, whereby many lives were lost, and a considerable part of the city of Charleston laid in ruins, has furnished a signal demonstration of the efltects of terror on communities.

Is each room in the building kept clean? D.

Tachinoides, Stomoxys omega, Hippobosca macuhla and Cordylobia anthropophaga. But as soon as the flow has begvm the rubber tubing near the canula is pierced with the needle the rhythmic pressure on the thorax is brought to a maximum. Morton, Associate Editor I have attended the last two meetings at Sun Valley and have found the attitude of the management and the arrangements for the meetings to be quite opposed If providing one of the loveliest resorts in the world, including comfortable sleeping accommodations, superb meals and limitless recreational facilities is discourtesy or lack of management, then the Sun Valley I believe that the absence of commercial exhibits elevates the Idaho meetings to a higher plane distinguishing them from the carnival-like atmosphere of other medical meetings. If nuid stains are on the garment, dilute as necessary. And tliat suture-hole infection is exceedinglj' common. With the exception of some mental impairment for several months before the attack her health had been the night, and when Dr.

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