The company is now doing a good business, and its stock is sure to become a very profitable investment. In the distomes, as stated, the mouth opens in the centre of the anterior or oral sucker. Millet also has strong belief in the efficacy of cold water and direct sunshine as tonic agents in the treatment of consumption, and in order to carry out these measures has introduced a well-arranged hydrotherapeutic plant, where needle and shower baths and Scottish douches may be applied; also a secluded room upon the roof, open to the sky, where the patients take their turn in lying naked Now, what are we in Maryland doing for our consumptives? Undoubtedly, we as physicians are individually exerting ourselves to the utmost in more ways than one, but what is the State In a very small way, by individual effort and generosity, coupled with small annual donations from the city and State, there has been established in Baltimore county an institution for the care of a few of our poor phthisical patients. The failure to rear may be a result of imperfection of the foetus, now a child, or it may be the result of the imperfection of the mother as a nurse. This summary is extracted from late numbers of the National Intelligencer, and, although necessarily incom plete, may be considered as authentic, as no doubt it was prepared under the supervision of the Secretaries ( By December nth fluid was still present on the left side, disappeared without any sequelae, the temperature now was improved very much in every respect, although fluid wac still present in the left pleural cavity.

Magnesia, one tea-spoonful; Paregoric, gtt. With increased experience in the use of this clamp, I believe I shall have as good results in hysterectomy as in removal of ovarian tumor. My dear lady if you wiM come to its, you and I will save him. A patient with heart disease may have had a hydatid removed from the right lobe of the liver, and a year or two later he may appear with a greatly enlarged left lobe, pyrexia, local tenderness, and some jaundice.

A diastolic murmur proceeds either from a retrograde aortic current, or from the direct current through the mitral orifice. This patient has The operation by"the high road" is very laborious, as the bleeding is troublesome. The bacillus penetrating to the lungs of such subjects probably sets up centres of inflammation, giving rise to adenoid hyperplasia and the formation of miliary tubercle, and then spreading through the lymphatics it assists in the work of consolidation and destruction. It is practically certain that syphilis has a like cause. Hare, who in his old age fell a victim to the miserable humbug, Spiritualism.

I observed, too, that I had not heard her cough to-day; she replied, that she was afraid to cough; the pain for a minute or two eases off, but returns again. I think that coffee makes itself felt as an evil more readily than tea, perhaps because it is taken in a Caffeine is a medicine which I have used for many years, and no medicine can be more helpful than this in certain cases, as a diuretic in cardiac or cardio- renal disease, when digitalis and the like have failed, or the patient is getting sickened by digitalis. For those who stand on our black list, we have no thanks, nor do we labor for them; on the contrary, we have only to say to them, pay your just debts and redeem yourselves, or repudiate like men and authorize us to say so for you in On the first day of March next we shall begin a new volume, and we shall be pleased to know the basis on which we are to stand. Rogers with which I can very closely agree, although considering it from a little different point of view, and that is the comparative influence of family history in the parents and in the brothers and sisters. Operated continued; he had a passage early this morning; tongue very foul. Naturally enough, the system rebels against this abuse.

It will be read with interest by that class of practitioners who usually skip pathology, and who are not to be blamed for ignoring the dry detail of supposed facts, usually called pathology.

Lying down and standing behind her, the patient could have been operated upon, but I should have been forced to use my left hand, and the only available light in the room would have been obscured by a bed-post.

Very professional job. Thanks again Dave

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