Towanda, Pennsylvania, was born at His early life was spent on a farm and in school. It was then that I realized that Ike was an unusual chap. In in front of the external malleolus down to the talo- caries of the bones and considerable infiltration of THE CLIMATIC TREATMENT OF DISEASE.

In cystitis, after operation, a sublimate be followed by an iodoform emulsion. Cruickshank moved, seconded by Dr. The Ovaries were cystic, but not hydatid. Iodine and tin act very well on each containing only traces of the metal. On every ground, therefore, of individual conviction and of daily practice, the Italian soldier is no lover of strong drink, finding, as bracing him to those feats of daring which have redounded to his asjiliyxiating bombs at Laugemarck.

Willis was undoubtedly the first to lend attention to the cerebellum, although his work was more anatomical than physiological or experimental. If matter form under the membrane, it is at once visible through it; the lotion should then be reapplied, and the wound dried by exposure, as beiore. Within a few days after this visit Dr. In conditions where active exercise cannot be taken massage may be of value. There was ex quisite tenderness along the course of the nerves, burning feet, jjronounced ataxia,and abolition of kneejerk. These individuals are, however, quite as capable of spreading the disease as are those who have definite clinical manifestations with a false membrane present.

An analysis X-ray examination of the intestines was made. He had never seen a Colles' fracture treated with a perfect result. This increased with, and was accompanied by, a dragging sensation in the back, and occasional attacks of sharp pain, but no urinary symptoms. Between the acid prepared "" by Gay Lussac, and that of Sir H. Stimulants not so frequently resulted in a movement of the bowels. Illustrations of symmetrical ascending neuritis and myelitis are given by Grainger Stewart," who rejiorts three cases. He takes care to inspect hollow stems before introduction, and should any crystals of sublimate be detected in the channel of a stem, it is dissolved with pure water. Too great importance has been given to bare statistics. I believe, an inhibition of protoplasmic activity.

Although Mackenzie had no knowledge of the use of the ophthalmoscope, and although, in consequence, his ideas of the pathology of glaucoma would not quite harmonise with the teachings of later writers, yet his clinical pictures remain masterpieces of their kind, and he who knows them will not fail to recognise either of the diseases above mentioned when he meets with them. Pearson has employed it during many years, in those cases where pains in the limbs and indurations of the membranes have reiuained, after the venereal disease has been cured by mercury; and he informs us, that he has seldom directed Brambilla and Girtanner also contend for the anti-venereal virtues of the green bark of the walnut: but the result of Pearson's expei-iencc will not permit him to add his testimony to theirs.

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