If the patient is full and plethoric bleeding is resorted to with very good effect but it has been our experience that the blood is so thick that it is with the greatest difficulty that it can be made to flow and often it comes only in drops. The present trouble began fifteen years ago, with attacks which have occurred about once a year. For information or book-let address A department of Harvard University BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Not a Sanatorium. It can be seen very plainly that pig has been sick. All periodic diseases have a certain cycle to run and are controllable to a greater or less degree by quinine. The "stock" book treats competently of important matters.

Becker (Plastic Surgery) Richard E. The subjects of the sugar tariff, a sixty years' retrospect of the British Empire, the recent visit to the United States of M. Instructors: Levin, Pauker, Halpern, Suldane, Mansowit. Winter illnesses are bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, and colds. The public takes our gratuitous labor as a matter of course while forgetting that we are working. This would mean that there is a slow and a quick movement. Cases are not uncommon under the age of ten, but the disease is rare in infants under two years of age. This cutaneous affection may be due to the influence of dyes, with water, the action of many local irritants, and the siedziba exposure incidental to certain occupations. The Chief Entomologist in each of the Self-governing Dominions is an ex officio member of the Committee, The history, seasonal occurrence and distribution, as well as- symptoms, methods of diagnosis and types of this disease of horses are fully Great difference of opinion exists with regard to the mode of transmission, but experiments prove that bitmg flies, of which Stomoxys calcitrans and Tahanus are specially mentioned, are responsible for the majority of infections, although they may not be the sole transmitting agents. A communication dealing with these last results was presented before the sub-section on pharmacy of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, at its December meeting at Indianapolis, (b) Besides the volatile oil, which up to now has been the only constituent known to be present in the tubercle, four others have been separated, others still remaining for study. The papillae of the true skin below the pustule are swollen and infiltrated with embryonic cells to a variable degree. In both instances the resulting disease was of a very violent tj'pe, and would have proved fatal had it been left to run its coiu-se. It is more probable that they represent the only parts about the drum that have retained their normal thickness and transparency, and which now, contrasting with their opaque and more whitish vicinity, give the Pathological alterations about the tympanic membrane, such as are present in our case, are by no means necessarily associated with any considerable impairment of hearing or with any other kind of subjective aural symptoms. The color-printing is shown at its best in the exquisite work of Maxfield Parrish, who has found a very congenial subject in QuillerCouch's story of the Cornish coast, which has to do with a price classical legend. It is no wonder, therefore, that the mildness of the hog-fever in the sheep should have masked its true nature, and that the universal disregard of the disease of the small rodents should have led us to ignore it in these as well. A further study of the gastrointestinal lesions will show that this is one of the important points of entrance of the infection.

It does seem to me that as far as antitoxine is concerned it is a destroying process. This is sometimes called variola Haemorrhagic small-pox is more common in some epidemics than in seem more liable to this form. The ammonia determination, as recorded almost daily, has and granular casts have been present in every specimen.

At the last meeting of the Pan-American Medical Congress so many papers were presented touching upon some form of malarial fever, its cause, prevention, duration and treatment, with so many differences of opinion in reference to all of its characteristics.

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