A debility and relaxation of the levator ani and perineal muscles, but particularly an extension and slacking of the pelvic fascia, in its connection with the uterus and vagina are in a great measure essential to the production of the prolapsus." This might well have been written by the most modern advocate of the newer pelvic anatomy, but unfortunately for their priority in this field it is a quotation from Ashwell's Diseases of Females, published in It may be of interest to review briefly the literature of this subject showing the views held at different periods. The best means is to compress the skin at one point causing the blood to dis appear and showing what color the skin is at bottom. Property of tubercular lesions inoculated in guinea pigs.

The injection of powdered normal or eclamptic placentas, suspended in water, into the peritoneal cavity of pregnant rabbits was without results in so far as the detection of differences was concerned.

Some time ago I had occasion to write a paper in regard to the indications for tuberculin treatment in comiection with diminishing the to tuberculin on the one hand, and increa.sing it on the other, the two things being contrasted. Has several loose teeth at present. The mamma were as large as an apple, hair upon the pubes and should menstruate.

Methods of quarantine in cases of smallpox. One machine only out of the three tested would be likely always to destroy the latter. In the first instance, there is dilatation of the pupil synchronous with inspiration; in the latter, contraction, with systole.

The study of degeneracy and its so-called stigmata is occupying less attention than in former years. Desperate valor, even so in these days, when every man is his own metaphysician, will the hunted neurasthenic turn upon his pursuers. They have, in fact, a much richer supply of nerves than have the kidneys themselves. We may be sane (safe, sound), but at best only relatively, and the varying moods of out sanity may often be strangely like the true persistent phases of the acknowledged alien. On each of calomel and jalap, with twelve "" of quinine, were given him.

Rest and freedom from work and worrj' relieve although they do not stop the pain. He is a laborer, of temperate habits, but not objecting to the moderate use of malt liquors and light wines. It is written in a famihar and readable style and shoukl be of some value in guiding others through a like journey.

Sometimes tlie bleeding appeared to come from the entire length of the alimentary canal, while freijuently it was only observed from the nose, mouth and fauces.

"The San Felipe valley is excessively hot in summer, and chilly in winter, yet is favored with almost uninterrupted sunny"The depression of Amorgosa, near the eastern border of California, is a saline basin below sea-level, and has the advantage of being remote from the cold winds of the ocean; but at present is not accessible to invalids. Heredity, with all that it involves, determines the most potent of these internal, constitutional incentives and conditions of growth.

At this time the chest was dull on percussion and bronchial breathing was heard; respiration was painful and diflicult, the pulse low, breath offensive and the extremities cold; acrid discharges came from a diphtheritic layer coating the posterior surface of the soft jialate and the under surface of the epiglottis; it is membrane, roughened and in places granulated; on section the tubes appeared as yellowish-white spots; the lower lobe was almost entirely consolidated; the middle lobe, shrivelled and partially carnified, had its main bronchus totally occluded by a large plug; the upper lobe was generally consolidated, but the bronchial plugs were less adherent aud there were neither striaj nor granulations in the bronchi.

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