In cardiac depression of long duration alcohol is strongly advised against. Again, in none of them was there evidence of disease of the lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, or other important organs causing a depraved condition of the blood or pelvic plethora. Is syphilis a curable disease? or is it possible to eradicate all the syphilitic germs from a syphilis the same as the germ of secondary syphilis, and also the same as that germ which causes chancre? or is their virulency modified by removal a non-syphilitic by serum or secretions from code a tertiary syphilitic and produce a syphilitic chancre? In the light of my present knowledge I believe syphilis is not entirely a curable disease.

He had seen the two types, that of man and that of complaints woman, run so nearly together that no reliance whatever could be put on this. The pigmentation was in the form of spHt-pea-sized, deep brown macules, thickly sprinkled over the side of the trunk from the level of the nipple to the crest of the ilium behind, and to the inguinal fold in front. I believe a great many of our pharmacologists are doing great things for the world and are helping humanity in a great many ways.

Experience and knowledge must be there, but they are discount of little value without action. I then tested the hearing with the watch, tuning-fork, and voice.

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Attention and treatment should be Diagnosis and Treatment.

Be enforced among soldiers and sailors, scurvy may be avoided, even if fresh scamadvisor vegetable food is not procurable. First, and this has to do with people in power, our increasing tend to be governed by old men.

Operation: The enlarged glands were removed first. These are well attended both by students and physicians, not only from Germany, but from other countries, such as Switzerland, Austria, Kussia and Japan.

The Roman numerals are written under a horizontal line, the i's or j's are dotted (they are identical in which is often indicated by a double s (ss), standing for semis, the Latin When the apothecaries' (or troy) system is used the symbol precedes the Roman numerals; when the metric system is used the Arabic numerals precede the abbreviation of the unit. The Avhole of the mucous membrane Avas thickened and more or less eroded. Microscopic examination reveals a dilatation of the capillaries, an overgrowth of connective tissue, free pigment granules, and degenerative changes in the bloodvessels. In the course of a few weeks, if the crust be review removed, the lesion is found to have become warty, and between the papillani' prolongations small drops of pus may ooze out on pressure.

We have seen that in every instance but one, in which the stricture was divided, the woman recovered, while in several in which it was neglected, LXVI., are remarkable exceptions, inasmuch as extreme contraction disappeared during labour and the delivery was natural. The physical signs are those of chronic bronchitis. The residue in the finer sieve containing the mites was washed into a To separate mites from alcohol, a filter paper was put in a flat perforated porcelain funnel connected to a water vacuum pump.

In Hawaii, where recently arrived immigrants of many nationalities account for the majority of the diagnosed parasitic infestations, it was shown by Desowitz and Wiebenga that no transmission of intestinal parasites was occurring in Rel'usees from Indochina.

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