You wait so long that at last the child has to be sacrificed to save the mother. It ranks lower than reason, because less of individual volition or judg ment enters into it; but as a guide it is far safer, and is a spring of action far more reliable and effective, and so far as it goes it has no superior.

Y., has been published in the newspapers, which details the case of an individual who had suffered the most excruciating agony for twehc months, from what was considered neuralgia, but who, at the end of tbil taken every night, at bedrtime, until the gums were a little affected, thtf leave off for a few days, and resume. In other cases there seems to be a complete reestablishment. D English gum-elastic instrument, it was abruptly various instruments of sioaller size, and ultimately succeeded this was tightly grasped.

The latter condition was now conceded to be very rare. Upon the right there was myopia, with recent slight posterior staphyloma. Vertical nystagmus was present continuing with movements of the eyes in all directions and somewhat increased with The patient had at one time some difficulty in swallowing, but this seemed to have disappeared. In treating lateral curvature the concavity on the cast as before-mentioned is filled in with plaster, and there is thus left a space between the side of the body and the wall of the jacket, into which the body can be forced by the elastic band stretching over the projecting side.

At times it is difficult to keep awake without something to engage one's thoughts, especially during the night-watches. The open extremities of the tubes had become obliterated by adhesions, and had in consequence developed the condition Dr. On his suggestion the occipito- frontal pain, and are apt to be regarded as indicating the presence of suffering. You cannot escape_ from the solidarity which makes you one of a fallen and ruined race. The shadow of the uterine coils shows also, though more faintly, on the dorsum. Ia was commenced, a special staff of inspectors being engaged; great, and a iaxob amount of valuable work has been the result, all this being set out in summary tn Mr. They have hitherto been loud in their declaration that" Dr.

The vwy same microbes founa by tha Professor in mad dogs coiud be equally obtained from the bodies of penoni dcg. A good bitter beer or light ale would probably be far preferable to either, whether in convalescents from acute diseases, or in most chronic affections.

There would then seem to be no q)ecial cause for disagreement, and it would be the easiest thing in the world to reconcile both opinions by separating the sex of the students" In nearly all of the great public hospitals, however, by far the larger proportion of cases suited for clinical which involve no necessary exposure, and are the results of diseaser and accideijts to which man and woman are subject alike, and which lady physicians are constantly called upon to treat Into these clinics are brought as patients to illustrate the lectures, and we maintain that wherever it is proper to introduce women as patieilts, t;here also it ig but just and in accordance with the instincts of the truest womanhood, for women to appear as physicians and students." We fail to see, however, how any given case or sets of cases of even general diseases could be introduced under the assumption that no exposure would be necessary, or that none of the necessary questions that might come up in the course of a thorough and conscientious examination would bo unembarrassing in the presence of the opposite sex. Lastly, before going to bed, from one to three pounds of grapes are taken, with some very light food. And so it is in many other instaaosB, so that I have mentioned the" double fee." There is no doubt that this fact, that when a patient is acconnanied by his he went alone he would only have to pay one, goes a loog way to account for the action of the patient.

Last year's experimentation established the practical efficiency also of an antiendotoxin. In making the attempt our author necessarily has departed widely from the course adopted in the former edition. The process was commenced at six in the evening, and finished at nine. Professor M'KsKir, who has been alwent during the lost year, visiting the hospitals of Great Brttmin and France, will return to this country before the commencement of the lectures. By using them freely you get more of it.

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