Even in the simplest disease, they put on a long face, and a very wise expression, and prognosticate that this is a very, very doubtful case, and needs the utmost care and attention. Her'petism, Dar'troua Diath'esis, (F.) Diathhe Tierpetiqne, Uerjjetisme. Keep the joint perfectly still, and apply uniform pressure as long as the acute stage lasts, and then to use SECTION FOR CLINICAL MEDICINE, PATHOLOGY, AND Uoard of Health, Lunacy, and Charity, on modern legislation in regard to the adulteration OP food and drugs, As analyst under the Adulteration Act I have, as tlie result of my first year's work, reported to the drugs, including all medicines for internal or external sold under or by a name recognized in the United States Pliarmacopceia it differs from the standanl of when sold under or by a name not recognized in the United States Pharmacopoeia, but which is found in some other pharmacopoeia or other standard work on materia medica, it differs materially from the standards of strength, quality, or purity laid down in such work; standard under which it is sold. For instance, if the patient has been anesthetized in the recumbent posture, a sudden deep Trendelenburg position is a thing against which I cannot too strongly advise, because in many cases I have seen very serious circulatory depression follow. The presence of so many discharging ears in our clinics is a positive indication that active measures have been sadly neglected by some one, in This disease affects children of all ages, extreme youth presenting no protection. Uterus ap- I peared to l)e about normal in size. This is a much more reasonable way than writing the name of any particular manufacturer after pharmacopoeial preparations, for it i make that he is ready to guarantee, but holds him to I the full responsibility of that which he dispenses. Still he questioned very much whether the immunity from mortality was due to this cause alone, and was disposed to give Dr. It may be made to detach itself by rubbing it with oil. Eine AuiFassung die auch dem Eindruck entspricht, den ich bei meiner Arbeit erhalten habe. He then became more unsettled and excitable, and had several dull, partially insensible attacks without convulsions, during which he vomited, and after which he was always weaker, more confused, and more excited. Davis simply reversed this formula and made an important condition, usually a surgical one, the text or central theme, and made the anatomical dissection secondary to it. On laying him down I made repeated attempts to pass a catheter, but his shrieks and contortions from pain compelled me each time to abandon the attempt, and his Swede friends were so alarmed that they insisted upon my abandoning the attempt.

It is announced and accompanied by the same symptoms as precede and attend hemorrhoidal tumors. But above all others, the members of the medical profession and our wage-earners are entitled to the facts, to the truth and to nothing but the truth. Vestigatious he would say that we could not conclude from the existence of asymmetry in- the cranium that there was a corresponding want of symmetry in the Dr.

The The same name is likewise given to the coi'tical duets, while still in the cortical substance of the Fse?iein', Pyr'amids of, Pyram'ides Ferrei'ni.

As the growth of the city demanded, sewers were built years ago, each emptying at a locality most convenient and least annoying. The secret of making boys or girls at will is about as alluring as that of making gold or silver, or would be except in those places where it has been dis wliicli the Sex of Offspring is Controlled in Man and tlie Lower covered by the sociologists that there is really very little difference between the sexes, and that such thinkers should care whether a given individual be a boy or a girl, though caring much whether it be a" radical or conservative," we, of course, do not believe. This was, no doubt, better for the patient, for the clerk was sure not to recommend or use any dangerous drugs, while the doctor, if left to himself, might do so.

Sloaghing faltDwed, and the entire vngintd incontinence of urine followed and has continued ever since. The public must be further educated to consult a physician early in cases of infectjon. In each case little or no attention usually is paid to maintaining the correct position of the lower jaw in relation to the upper. - the toes are five in number, and distinguished numerically, reckoning from within to without. But think of the depth of darkness of learning in present medicine, when, on the very land wnere was discovered the physiological truths of the circulation of the blood, the process of respiration, the presence and uses of oxygen, the division of nerves into nerves of sense, common sensation, and motion, the division of roots of nerves into sensory and motory, the reflex function of nerves, the structure of bone, the transfuaon of blood, the presence of fibrine as a the circulation will continue by the anastomosiBg vessels; and, not to name a hundred more things, Ste immortal discovery think, I repeat, of the depth of daAness of. A haemostatic water, prepared by macerating, in water, various aromatic and astringent herbs, flowers, and roots, with, tar, and distilling the same. Ninety-two members answered to roll call, and the speakers of the day received a most cordial welcome from a very deceptive to us our failings in this line of medical work. It is a common sight in our hospitals for the insane to see young people there from this cause.

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