They do not, however, constitute any part of the treatment itself, and are only resorted to as a means of appreciating the results derived from shampooing. But all these things exist in abundance in every big school, and girls handicapped in that way are set into competition with those who are strong and free from risks. The committee reported relative to these books, and asked to be discharged; but the committee was continued, and Prof. The greater number of these huts date from the wars of and are capable of containing from twenty-eiglit to thirty patients each. C, the second Tuesday in December next; and that the secretary of this Conference be directed to invite the attendance at that time of quarantine officers and the health officers of the principal cities in the United States and Canada, and that all delegates to that meeting be prepared to report the sanitary status of their States or localities, and what steps have been taken to improve the same and to prevent The report was discussed at length, chiefly in a spirit of commendation, and especially as to the importance, and the best methods of securing action on the subject at an early day in the next session of Congress. On a Nervous Cough, probably caused by Chorea of the Diaphragm, cured by Tariarized The patient was a girl, aged seventeen, who had suffered for three years from a short, dry, and almost continual cougL She had been bled without reliefl The chest was perfeotiy free from disease, as was ascertained by percussion and auscultation, and the uvula was well formed. This may or may not be septic poisoning. The prisoner is stated to be the daughter of a civil engineer named Wilson, belonging to the Isle of Wight, and her mother was an East Indian. Mirfeld had observed patients for himself both in the world, and in a hospital, and had formed independent opinions on the effects of treatment, and on general prognosis. Commissions shall be paid quarterly upon presentation of bill from Mr. The closet double houses, stands at a distance of about twentyfive feet from the school house, being just across the The disease exists independently of climate or atmosphere, having been observed in low situations occurs in warm and cold climates, although I have not found any recorded cases occurring in the arctic Is there a specific diphtheritic germ, like that of variola, scarlatina or measles? This appears to be a much-mooted question. Such hospitals would also secure, a certain degree of isolation, and thus prevent the spread of the disease.

The pericardium was so filled and stretched by the oistended heart that it was at first supposed that the pericardium had been opened so as to lay bare the heart. Bartholomew's Hospital, I saw dug up from many feet below the surface a piece of Samian ware and a coin of the Emperor Nero. In laborious labour, it was only when uterine power was exhausted that rhythmic action of the uterus ceased and became one of persistent unremitting contracticm, and then immediate deliveiy indicated. She was much more subject to these attacks when she quency for five years.

Barker's interpretation of his conception of the nature of the lochia. The clinic lasts from ten to twelve in the morning five days weekly; the first hour on three days out of these is devoted to the demonstration of the most interesting cases amongst the out-patients, the students being called down in turn and asked to diagnose to give reasons for the opinion expressed, etc., before the two days the first hour is occupied by the delivery of a systematic lecture; and a visit to the wards absorbs attention for the hour Professor Billroth is fully alive to the principles laid down by Lister, but his method of carrying antiseptic surgery into practice is not quite so earnest as that adopted in ihe clinical surgery wards in Edinburgli. Other The following summary of a case of rheumatic and learnedly discoursed upon by him in a clinical lecture, needs no comment.

But if it can be shown that typhoid fever may arise from the putrefactive decomposition of blood-serum, then the abundant prevalence ol summer cholera, from the end of July to the beginning of September, affords plenty of material for the elaboration of the poison, which afterwards percolates into the wells or is washed by the autumnal rains into the sources of our water-supply. Haemoptysis, usually of pure unmixed blood, to the extent of two, three, or four ounces, in these cases was very common.

For although, in heart-disease, the disturbance being on the side of blood-supply, and not on that of air-supply, the introduction of an additional quantity of air does not better the state of things; it, nevertheless, instinctively occurs. The arrangement of the work is with a view to facilitating reference and avoiding repetition, and is in this the Medical Department of the Columbian University, great part, a compilation from the recent treatises of Leishman, Play fair and Lusk. Almost for the first time since the commencement of his illness. Of course the New York school, if he might so use the expression, was in favor of other measures; they did not believe in that. Whether this was done inadvertently or not is to be tested by the trial of the captain and doctor as soon as the ship is released from quarantine.

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