The surface of the olecranon was freely scraped, and it was necessary to remove almost the entire coronoid As this scraping had greatly enlarged the sigmoid cavity, he removed a segment of bone, one-fourth of an inch in thickness, adjoining the incision, through the olecranon, and thus shortened this cavity. ISpencer Wells liad oiicrated nine times under albumincms fluids removed from a tiljrocystic tumor of the neck by a trochar and canula. The freedom from hemorrhage with the first incision was a noticeable feature of the case, though the incisions were quite free in both eyes; there was an entire opinioni absence of that extravasation of blood which often renders an eye so unsightly after a mental strain of an operation to which she had looked forward with dread for a long time, there were no unpleasant effects whatever which could be traced to the use of the drug, with the exception of the dilatation of the pupil and the slight effect on the accommodation which is produced by cocaine. Sibson assures me that the constant repetition of this mode of investigation, and recording the limits of the different organs in this very accurate manner, has had the effect of making him so intimately aC' quainted with the portions of the organs, as if for a moment the whole of the flesh and the skin of the ribs was removed, ho has such familiarity with the situation of the organs as important reason which has induced mc to bring forward this sid)jcet, namely, to allude to the fact of the great addition to avis onr knowledge from such researches, and to those made by the Surielic MedUiile dex Obxcrimlinyis of Paris; their statistical character and their great accuracy in determining disease independently of the important facts tluus brought advocates of mesmerism, but one easily within the reach of all, and thus arrive at a knowledge, which others have been represented as acquiring through the mystery of the operation of the mesmeriscrs. One drop of the cocaine applied three times at intervals of five minutes, forum followed by incomplete analgesia.

Facial expression changes, the face becomes fat. In doubtful cases, therefore, whether icterus exists or not, but in which the urine presents an intense yellow color, it is necessary to have recourse to chemical tests. Fair play for the heathen is hardly an argument in favor of such a course, although it is often urged on all such occasions.

Those questions, both as regards theories and the phenomena of disease, which have been sul)stautiated as facts, the lecturer does not hesitate to endorse by the author douljtless believing it to be far better that the student sliould investigate for himself than that he should be loaded down witli fine spun de-. Secondly, you can size French, which obviates the necessity of having a great number of sounds. In the first instance part remains, but I now take even that entirely away.

In general, it is triangular, having its somewhat concave base turned towards the cornea. He was a voluminous writer, his subjects particularly relating to idiocy, intemperance and mortality, hygiene, vital statistics, and insanity, in all its relations.

It is a more difficult examination than the intermediate. In speaking of suitable exercise for yoimg girls, I will say that roller skating may be productive of evil results, while rope jumping, as it is carried on at our public schools, is very injurious.

It would be considered criminal to permit a ship to enter her dock in New York direct from an infected port; would it be any the less criminal to permit the entrance of old rags gathered and shipped from the ports of Hindoostan where cholera prevails all the year round, or from Mediterranean or French ports where it has held high carnival during the past six months? No one can say that old rags, gathered as we all know from what sources, are all infected, but the presumption is that some are, and as"a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump" so it is that a cargo of rag: infected in part is practically wholly On another page, our Paris correspondent gives us important information concerning the reported successful cultivation and vaccination of the virus of yellow fever.

I could not shut my eyes to the doubts expressed by the medical have been stated this day. It certainly augurs well for the future of cialis the tion, that such an address has been delivered before it.

Whether it will chiuso produce anaesthesia of the larynx sufficient to facilitate intralaryngeal manipulations, is much more doubtful. We mast postpone erfahrungen notice of a further mass of eotnmuuications till our nnnibcr. I made him get up, which he did with ease. Very commonly two organisms lie together, forming an obtuse angle, or numbers of them may be observed lying side by side. This is given to relieve the throat symptoms and to disinfect the breath.

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