It is not proposed to mention even the many plans, past and present for accomplishing this end. The mosquito transmits African horse sickness, yellow fever and dengue fever. It is often difficult to decide whether in any suspected case of diphtheria one is dealing with an actual instance of this disease or with a disease simulating diphtheria in a diphtheria carrier. A list of those members in arrears was read by the presented a report of the work done since the last meeting and stated that in his work as Chairman of tlie Board he had been ably assisted by the advice and Recommendations made by the Council as to an outing to be held by the Society was, on motion of Dr.

Another of the guests attacked has just died and several are still seriously ill with symptoms of ptomain poisoning.

What can be gained by delay: the possibility of arrest or, if a mistake in diagnosis has been made, of cure; the probability of caseation of the entire gland, the spread into the surrounding tedious natural discharge through a chronic The surgeon seldom has an opportunity to excise tuberculous glands too soon. Far be it from me to speak too disparagingly of these products of the chemist's ingenuity; in many cases they are most useful and valuable on account of their easy portability; but in other cases the praise of the new"pharmacopeia?" It is a model of what such with details.

Fibroma of the, cancerous conversion metastases of mammary cancer to Uterus, paraplegia following diseases of active element of the virus of, xiii.

Some years ago it was supposed that the neuritis was the primary condition, but now it is established that thrombo-phlebitis is the primary condition and the Dr.

Nutritive condition of sufferers from, occupations of sufferers from, xvii. This fact is a monument to the honor and glory of medical men, rather than to the laity, who have done more for astronomy than for preventive medicine. Become intussuscepted, the end of it being gangrenous where it protrudes into the csecum. In his opinion the term dysentery should now be dropped altogether, and, looking at the matter from the etiological standpoint, we should speak of amebic colitis, bacillary colitis, etc. His horse suddenly bolted, and he was thrown back in his cart," striking the end of his backbone against the box of his cart." For a short time the fall rendered him insensible.

In the old times with untrained attendants and with very little money to supply the needs, and even the ordinary comforts of life; and when there was a little in the way of apparatus and instruments possessed by even the best of hospitals, there was little reason to expect people to leave comfortable homes and try their fortunes among strangers during a severe sickness. Montgomery, somewhat later, I learned that the father of this second child was a syphilitic, and the conclusion that here too the trouble may have been of syphilitic origin was forced upon me. One of these, a film fixed by interesting, as exhibiting the ahrupt transition from the network to the homogeneous substance similar to that demonstrated years ago by Schiifer, in the white corpuscle when fixed The microscopic characters of striped muscle have not ceased to be a debatable subject among histologists.

I presume, however, the one that is most important from my standpoint is that of emotional prodigalitv. At the macroscopical inspection the mucosa is found partially affected. In its infancy; but it is a very robust infancy, full of promise, the complete fulfilment of which none of us will live to see. If the ascites was considerable, and sufficient to cause discomfort or danger to the patient, paracentesis with a small trocar was advised. From a patient at the Foundling Hospital. Not infrequently a general toxic condition may first evidence itself in ocular changes. From the Report of a Committee of a business character. The patient may improve markedly.

It was first employed by a regular physician who had. Many a man who appreciates the necessity of asepsis in his obstetrical work, and who understands the indications for surgical interference when they arise, still lacks a definite knowledge of technique. You arc all doubtless familiar with the bleeding from the ear which accompanies fracture of the baa but you do not always associate this sign with a fracture running from near the middle line through the petrous portion of the temporal bone (taking in the middle ear and rupturing the drum), across the thin temporal fossa and out across the vault of the skull.

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