So far as using bromides in quieting the patient, their result is not satisfactory, as they serve rather to depress than quiet.

As long as he can recollect he has felt an intense sympathy whenever he has read of prisoners being confined in a narrow cell, and he has always been" greatly disturbed by tales of burial alive.

Chalybeates feldom or never fucceeded: they were always found more ufeful in diminifhing the evacuation when too violent, than in reitoring it when deficient.

The reason for making any examination is, of course, to learn whether the patient is in labor; how far advanced the labor is; It is not difficult to determine whether the head is high up or low down. In any case, the possibility of direct irritation of the muscular fibres must not be lost sight of; thus we have seen a case of persistent contracture of the triceps due to the inclusion of a piece of a coat in a wound of the elbow. It is evident that, confidering the indifputablc benefits arifing at all times to patients in the fmall-pox, from the free admiffion of frefli cool air and evacuations, we may fafely inoculate at all feafons, provided care be taken to fcreen the patients as much as poffiblt from heat in fummer, and to prevent them from keeping themfelves too warm and too much fhut up, as they are naturally difpofed to do, from the weather in winter. Mary is now a high school girl. It is differentiated from its nearest ally, erythema iris, by the fact that in the former there is a vesicle surrounded by an erythematous blush. Bronchial tetany had a closer relationship to asthma than bronchopneumonia. There was sometimes a tendency to localization in certain regions of the body, especially in the abdominal musculature. For some years the diagnosis of disorders of the vestibular apparatus has acquired a certainty and precision which were lacking when it simply rested on the interpretation of subjective troubles. In fact, an hysterical attack produced in this way does stop, and the subject is at once able to answer questions put to him and to leave the room where the examination has taken place. For inftance, he has knovn a perfon who, by a ride of an hour or two in the morning, was very much recruited, and who,, at another time, in the afternoon or evening, without undergoing more bodily motion, has returned faint and languid, and apparently worfe. That there are school children in the United States who have scoliosis which is undetected by the school physician, is a fact which one can learn by merely examining the history blanks of orthopaedic institutions.

Thus, we can believe that in true epilepsy there arises in the superficial parts of the brain an influence which is independent of the will, and, in fact, takes away the consciousness, by operating through the cineritious substance, and which also irritates the ganglia below and sets up the paroxysm. "RESOLVED, that the Missouri State Medical Association support legislation granting statutory' authority' to the Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts to enter into consent agreements in disciplinary' proceedings." Legislative Committee; State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts; Division of Professional Registration Governing the Practice of Medicine in"RESOLVED, that MSMA continue to provide ongoing educational activities to meet the needs of their members regarding all statutes, rules and regulations regarding the practice of medicine in Missouri." Work until State Board cf Registration for the Healing Arts and Bureau by the State Board Regarding Potential"RESOLVED, that MSMA provide physicians investigated by the Missouri State Board of Registration for the Heahng Arts, upon their request, a list of attorneys experienced in providing legal counsel, and be it further RESOLVED, that MSMA encourage physicians being investigated by the Board to seek legal counsel at the first contact by the Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts regarding potential adverse actions." Staff develop list of attorneys; Encourage physicians to seek counsel; Progress Notes"RESOLVED, that the Missouri State Medical Association be in favor of incorporation of an Intractable Pain Treatment Act and that such an act be incorporated in our statutes." Missouri State Board of Registration for"RESOLVED, that MSMA seek ongoing evaluation of the investigations performed by the Missouri State Board of Healing Arts, and be it further RESOLVED, that the information obtained by these evaluations be disseminated and used to improve the quality' and appropriateness of these investigations by the Board of Healing Arts and the qualifications of their investigators.""RESOLVED, that this resolution be introduced by the Missouri Delegation at the AMA Annual Meeting in Chicago"RESOLVED, that the Missouri State Medical Association work with the Missouri Medicaid program to rev'erse policy and again reimburse for immunizations (including oral polio vaccine and TB tines) when billed with other charges on Refer to Council for action; Committee on Medical Economics;"RESOLVED, that MSMA institute a multiple-year membership dues billing option for its medical student dues members." Develop multiple year membership dues option for students for"RESOLVED, that the MSMA House of Delegates hereby approves entering into negotiations regarding possible transition of the MSMA Class B MOMEDICO Shares, and be it RESOLVED, that the MSMA Executive Committee, subject to Council approval, is hereby authorized to take all actions necessary, including negotiating terms of agreements, executing any agreements, amendments, supplements or modifications to such agreements, in connection with completing the transaction, and be it further RESOLVED, that the MSMA Executive Committee, subject to Council approval, is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to do all such acts and things and to execute, acknowledge, file and deliver all such documents and to pay all such fees, taxes and expenses as may be in the MSMA Executive Committee's discretion, subject to Council approval, be deemed necessary or desirable in order to carry out and comply with the terms and provision of these Resolutions, and all of the acts and undertakings of the MSMA Executive Committee, subject to Council, approval, which conform to the intent and purposes of these Resolutions whether heretofore or hereafter taken or done, shall be and the same are hereby in all respects ratified, conformed, authorized and approved." Inform MOMEDICO; Develop agreement for consideration of Members of Reference Commmittee B - Michael Hoeman, MD, C. Patient had been well until within ihe past six years when she had typhoid fever. A modification of Richardson's original instrument, applicable for Freezing, with Ether or lUugolesifi, m for Inhalation in diseases of the Throat or Lungs. It is an error of judgment, as well as an economic waste, to urge women eligible for entrance to the higher professions to take up nursing, for the nursing material is relatively abundant, while the pre-medical material is not.

The same people ask the same questions weekly, almost daily. Formerly addicted to drinking, but of late years more abstemious, was admitted under Dr. Now had small ulceration in Group XII. If called upon, or taxed at any period of time, beyond its maximum output, fatigue results, with a retardation of function. There are other methods of inaccurate localization, but it remains to describe the exact stereoscopic method by the Sweet-Bo wen apparatus. The countenance is very pale and contracted; the jaws are that moment f napped together, and cannot afterwards be opened fo wide as to receive the end of one's little ringer; an attempt to do which by way of experiment, furelv hurries on the fpafm. Injuries of nerves, on which we have sufficiently C. He endeavours to prove at length, that the cceliac paflion the mefenteric glands; though he owns that fuch as have died of this difeafe and were difledted, had obfr.rucl:ions in the mefenteric the cure to be attempted by emetics, purgatives, antifeptics, and tonics, as in other fpecies of diarrhoea.

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