It is said that the executive committee of the corporation has rescinded its action of last spring in suspending twenty-two members of the organization who had signed a petition to the President and to Congressmen for an investigation of the financial side of the Red Cross.

Their work was more or less of a special character, and their interests were in part different from those of their brethren in civil life. The heart presented a large milk spot over the right auricle, otherwise nothing of interest.


Facts of this species are unfortunately still too despite the remarkable and rapid cures obtained in camptocormia by Souques. Certainly such indefinite causes as catching cold, exposure to chill, strains, and the like, are more and more regarded with suspicion; and attention is concentrated on the possibility of the introduction of micro-organisms with its septic consequences. If increased dulness is most marked below the costal border, and has associated with it a continuous fixed pain or discomfort in this region, and an isolated spot of acute tenderness can be elicited by deep pressure with the finger-tips, the TREATMENT OF ABSCESS OF THE LIVER afllscess is in all likelihood located beneath this point of tenderness, and the exploratory incision is made to include this point at the middle of the cut, and the one external incision will probably suffice for evacuation and drainage.

The contracture which followed would be then probably, upon Babinski's analysis, a reflex contracture and not a hysterical one. The disease is then an inoculation recurrence; and this infection appears to take place only on account of that special state of health of the patient, which made the original disease possible. (Psychiatric impressions and observations in the regions of Kashtshenko's article:" Statistics of the movement of insane soldiers, etc.,") des blessures de la region du tenseur du fascia lata (Essai de physiologic paralysie avec hemianidrose cervico-faciale et aphonie hysterique par Wessure Laignel-Lavastine et Courbon, P. At last the long series was complete; the precious blocks were sent to the famous publisher, Oporinus, in twenty-eight, the great book appeared. (Osier's Practice of symptoms was present, varying from mental hebetude to stupor and coma, or delirium. The examination will be held at Washington, Boston, New York, Chicago, St. If the fistula be cervical the milk will come back through the cervix uteri.

The eruption was accompanied with considerable fever; while it was out, the pain in the limbs, nausea, lowed by faintuess and nausea, lasting till but still had pain in limbs and some nausea.

We consider, however, that such committee should be instructed to confer in limine with the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and advise with them as to the course to be pursued. He says he felt that Holmes was resolutely in earnest, and he must escape from the assault at whatever cost. The magnifying glass shows spots of black pigment lelt on the anterior capsule, where the synechiie were broken. Briefly it is as follows: When she became erotic she would say over and over to herself the Psalms as above. In tlie chapter on" The Causes of Sleep," the condition of the brain during sleep is shown and contrasted with its state when stupor is present.

The uterus and tumour having been cut away, the stump is ligatured in several portions, the ligatures being left long; an opening is then made into the vagina behind the bladder, and the stump is carried into the vagina and clamped there, the edge of the peritoneum, separated with the bladder, being sewn to the posterior surface of the extruded cervix to shut oft' the peritoneal cavity. The enumeration of these varieties will have given the reader some idea of the morbid anatomy of pseudo-hermaphroditism; at the same time it must be borne in mind that some of them are very rare; one of them, on the other hand pseudo-hermaphroditismus masculinus externus is, comparatively speaking, very common. The surface is sometimes smooth and shining elephantiasis glabra; sometimes warty elephantiasis verrucosa; sometimes covered with proj ections elephantiasis papilloinatosa: sometimes the swelling feels hard, at other times soft. Doses large enough to cause too marked constriction of the capillaries, such as will be followed by muscular fatigue and consequent loss of vascular tone, are sure to be followed by vasodilation and a return of preparations the dose must be increased. In Chicago, during the same interval, there were fought eye disease and every form of contagion among the school children, and it has provided a system of home nursing for children shut out of school on account of illness which has greatly shortened the time thus lost. Between these two extreme instances there are, of course, cases presenting all gradations; and it is impossible to lay down detailed rules as to the conditions that justify operative measures and those that do not. The situation remained without change for a month, when the patient was evacuated to the rear. Secure ventilation when using chloroform to avoid injurious chemic decomposition due to poor administration. As a means of ready reference the points in which the two varieties of tubal gestation differ from each other are arranged in tabular form: Although in many examples of tubo-uterine gestation primary rupture may be delayed longer than in the purely tubal form, nevertheless the sac sometimes bursts very early. Wliilc correcting this flexion by separating adliesif)ns,;iii opening was torn in tlic bowel wall,'i'liis was closed and for the j)erfonnaiice of an enterostomy.

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