The diagnostic value of albumosuria has not as yet been definitely decided. The left lobe of the liver may be depressed by the weight of the fluid, and in consequence the epigastric region become distinctly prominent. In other cases we see multiple haemorrhages from the nose or from the kidneys, and in the skin, forming the hsematuric type common in Senegal and the Antilles. Typhoid fever chiefly assumes an intermittent character in countries where malaria is endemic, or in persons who have recently left these countries. It is native to southern Europe. Mary's Hospital Hawthorn, Frederick John, London Hospital Owen, David Charles Lloyd, Sydenham College, Birmingham Burton, Thomas C, JI.D., appointed Medical Superintendent of the Cooper, Horace, Esq., appointed House-Surgeon to the Reading Evans, George, Esq., appointed Surgeon to the St. The pulsation in the aneurism was immediately arrested, and the tumour reduced to a third of its former size.

By noting the cessation of the characteristic o" amphoric respiration and pectoriloquy over an can be delimited. At the point of contact note the various colored rings, green, blue, violet, red, and pulverized sulphur upon the surface.

The extreme pain had produced irritation of the whole system. Fibrosis may be due further to the breathing of vegetable dusts by grain shovellers, and workers in cotton, flax, and tobacco. Report, is probably new to most of my hearers, a few preliminary words as to its history and chai-actera As to its history in past time, but little is kno'mi. A mixture of haemoglobin and agar gives the same results.

The particulars of the case I assume you are acquainted with; they are to be found in the the opinion of the jury that there was not that attention paid to the deceased on the part of Dr. The treatment of chronic rheumatism, and especially of cases with a tendency to deformity, consists in the application of superheated air at If it be difficult to define the limits of rheumatism, even when the joints participate in the morbid changes, this delimitation is much more difficult when we are dealing with abarticular rheumatism that is to say, rheumatism which affects the organs, the muscles, or the nerves, and spares the While studying acute articular rheumatism we have already reviewed the visceral manifestations which may occur during the rheumatic attack, and we have seen that almost all the organs and systems may be attacked by acute rheumatism, but we had there the troubles in the joints as the criterion of the rheumatic nature of these visceral affections.

Variola, foot fever), salivary calculus, inflamed ranula, and actinomycotic, erysipelatous, or other inflammation of the tongue and floor of the mouth (angina Ludovici) are additional causes of a greatly enlarged or swollen tongue. Their opinions have recently found some partisans in their own country, who run a great risk of remaining isolated, for Trousseau's teaching is more alive than ever. Rut as we are now advis xi to the contrary, it affords us pleasure to make amends for In reply to Dr. In such cases there is usually, but not necessarily, an actual increase, as determined by a quantitative analysis. We will study this process somewhat more in detail, as its importance is very gi-eat, and it is a problem of vast interest to the medical practitioner.

Mention a soluble salt of lead.

So from the not in a political sense. The patient lies upon the side toward which the fetal back is directed.

Increasing up to a certain point, and giving rise to the slight malaise which precedes all case's of pneumonia, it is at last brought to a head by some exposure, by a dietetic error, or by reaching a point at which the functions of the blood are seriously interfered with. Certainly, in some instances, I have bled from ten to fifteen times, taking away four, six, or eight ounces of blood, each operation, and found it essential to the cure.

Creedon, now of Globe Village, Mass., while working in the laboratory of Professor Satterthwaite. By these he established two major oxygen on animals varies according to the animal, being most marked in those of quick respiration and high temperature, and less marked in those of feeble respiration gas, breathed over and over again, and freed entirely from any substances which we as yet know as products of respiration, loses the power of supporting life, the vital process ceasing, not from the introduction of a poison, but as by a negation, or a withdrawal of the vivifying principle. The solution of continuity of the anterior columns was not complete; hence the case forcibly illustrates the independent function of each individual longitudinal nerve-fibre; and, in considering the change of structure above alluded to, it should be remembered that no part of the animal body changes so rapidly after death as the nervous tissue; so that the decomposed state in which the diseased portion of the cord was found might have was so appeared from the injected condition of the capillary vessels, which were left floating in the fluid destruction of both structure and function. Soon after this I met her in the street, when she declared herself entirely weh. The extremities of the condyles of the femur, and the head of the tibia were removed, but not the patella. If clinically diseased horses were ever sold there, inspection would be valuable; but they are not.

Patients sometimes recover, and when death supervenes, it does so from cholera-like complications (diarrhoea, coldness of the body, and livid colour of the skin), It is quite evident that there is here material for discussion, and the dualists and unicists have not yet come to an agreement.