The heart beats violently; the pulse becomes small and thready.

Sooner or later it will have to be recognized as a disease from which the public needs protection as much as from some of those which are Whooping-cough has no fixed length or course as the exanthemata do. The number of officers was dwindling by retirements, and very few candidates could be induced to come forward for the appointments.

The median suture which separates the frontal eminences is prolonged betM'een the parietal bones (natiform cranium). There are no pins or ligatures used, consequently there is nothing to interfere with very direct union; there are no punctures made in the skin; of course there is no risk of having any but the single linear scar, and even this, if direct' union is secured, must be very slight indeed. On the fourth day, healthy pus was plus discharged from the wound for three clays; and then it was discharged internally, followed by symptoms of peritoneal inflammation, which yielded to the administration of the abovenamed medicines, with warm fomentations and evaporating lotions to the abdomen. As an adjunct a more or less elaborate sys:em of hydrotherapy may be adopted. Heart ceased, and he died from paralysis of this organ in three hours from the taking of the poison. Clinically we recognize two different forms of inflammation of the pia, the circumscribed purulent leptomeningitis or abscess of the pia, and the diffuse leptomeningitis. The cattle I found to be good, healthy stock, all tubercuUn-tested by the authorities of the State. Though naturally fleshy, and of excellent health, as are most of our "formulary" English people, of whom she was one, at this time her health was below par.

If measurements are taken it is, of course, essential that the position of the patient during the subsequent examinations sliall always be the same, and in this case Williams' elevated canvas table is indispensable. Laveran's plasmodia were not found, nor was there any agglutination of Eberth's bacillus. About twenty-five per cent of all adult cases die. (FRENCH) THE EFFECT OF SOIL MYCOFLCRA ON THE SEEDLING DISEASES OF TREATMENT OF RESPIRATORY DISEASES IN BEEF CATTLE. In these cases involuntary discharge of fseces only takes place when the contents of the rectum accumulate sufficiently to overcome the When the lumbar centre is paralysed the sphincter ofifers no resistance to evacuation of the rectum, but in this case also the discharge will take place only at intervals whose frequency wiU depend on the activity of peristalsis.

The adoption of proper therapeutic measures previously to the appearance of the eruption may have the eS'ect of reducing the violence and diminishing the danger of the attack, but can neither prevent it from occurring nor from running its specific course. In this connection attention must be called to the absence of enanthems in rare cases of the acute exanthemata; they are rarely entirely absent, is greatly diminished. I had thought of even spreading its end out under the skin. In this case a plate was struck up to fit the mouth, and attached to the teeth by means of clasps. Greatly on the amount of assistance the patient himself can give; if he is able to walk the injured person places his sound arm round the assistant's neck, while the latter places his arm round the patient's waist.

The General!Medical Council placed the elementary mechanics of solids and fluids, meaning thereby mechanics, hydrostatics, pneumatics, and hydraulics, among the purely optional subjects at the preliminary examination, and the Colleges and Halls have been content to follow the recommendations of the Council in this respect. In a few cases, in which the injury is not located too high, life may be prolonged; but permanent paralysis results. Drop heart has no pathological locator signification. Since this was written there has been 2018 several deaths among the journals, and it is presumable that the epidemic is not fully spent.


Prognosis is very grave, iu spite of castration, and a relapse occurs in six months oi- a yeai'. The appendix is a pouch about as big as the little finger of a glove; it hangs down like a tail free from the intestine. The disease starts in the conjunctiva, beside the iris, as a little red or yellowish patch, and then works inward toward the centre, finally on to the cornea, where it makes a little gray point about as big as a pin-head, the phlyctenule, which gives the trouble its name. The first regiment carried value with them the measles, which spread generally through their camp at Newport News.

An examination of the stools, cultures, and serum reaction do not demonstrate the specificity of these bacilli.

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