The presence of the acute inflammatory cells are thought to be indicative of an active process.

However, as far as I know there were no determinations for occult blood. Professor Allbutt considers the sequence of events to compensating aortic defect; (viii.) degenerative changes ensuing upon Soldiers," drew attention to the effects of prolonged exertion in tightfi.tting uniforms, and especially whilst wearing the tight breast-strap, in producing cardiac and aortic diseases from overstrain. Delay of an hour or so may sometimes be necessary to combat nervous shock; but delay of days is a policy which trusts to the patient's bleeding enough to lower her blood-pressure so that the bleeding will stop.

In case, however, abscess, or diffuse suppuration of the cellular membrane occur, we should not hesitate In the detail of the cases of diffuse inflammation of the cellular tissue of the neck, and cases of acute abscess, above recited, I have made repeated reference to the cervical fascia, as binding down the muscles and vessels of this region, and (owing to its dense and unyielding structure) to infiltration, beneath or between its several layers, causing tension, and consequent painful pressure on the trachea, oesophagus, great vessels, and nerves; thus accounting for dyspnoea, dysphagia, and the other serious symptoms above described. The last region of the spinal column is that the sacrum or the first few segments of the tail. Also gymnasium and roof garden) in the public interior bathhouses in the City of in The Bronx.

In the more violent cases, a combination of aloes, scammony, and jalap, has generally been found most suitable; of each from two to five grains.

It should be remembered that the testicles of colts may not descend until twelve months old, sometimes as late as two years old. He was discharged from hospital about four weeks afterwards, the wound being then healed, and his health nearly restored; some cough, hoarseness, and a low croaking voice, merely remaining as untoward symptoms. In certain patients the temperature may rise to a very and generally results in death unless the fever can be quickly reduced. Assistant in Medicine, in Charge of the Laboratory of the Phipps JOHN THOMAS SAMPLE, M. The physical BigUS of fluid in the lower part of the left ehest were well-marked. It is so rare to find any portion of the cord abnormally situated in a direct hernia that even Erichsen, in the recent edition of his" Science and Art of Surgery" says that it never occurs. All of these ships have rats aboard, and I should not be surprised if rats in some way carried the virus of beriberi and through them the food became contaminated. In mitral cases, however, the second sound over the pulmonary area may be strongly accentuated, although duller and less acute than in the earlier stages There is frequently some albumin in the urine, especially in the later stages; and other evidence of visceral congestion from retarded circulation, such as occasional congestion at the base of the lungs, fulness of the liver, and the dyspeptic phenomena of slow digestion with flatulence and loaded urine. Horsemen often speak of curby (sickle) hocks, such a conformation is especially liable to curb, and is readily transmitted to the progeny by an affected sire.

During the same hod was occupied, and all made a good convalescence. Kennedy thought that, in these cases of alcoholism, there was something in the constitution of the individual which led to the vice. This disease, as the name implies, shows itself by bare ring-shaped patches, in which the hairs are seen to be broken off close to the skin, on some spots the hairs are split at the ends or are dead. It has been alleged that prolonged acceleration of the heart, as in Graves' disease, may produce the valvulitis of strain; but unless the sum of work done be considerably increased, which is not usually the case, such a result is not to be anticipated. There is wasting of the muscles around the affected joint and in this respect as in others the lesions are quite the same as those occurring in the polyarticular type; indeed in certain instances the other joints may not be entirely unaffected, the corresponding articulation of the opposite side frequently showing changes of minor degree. A good Proceedings of the Dublin Obstetrical Society.

On the contrary, they can only be safely employed in suitable cases, and. The overstretching of the sphincter may be done quickly, as when the urethra is dilated surgically from without for ex amination or operation through it.

There is no contra-indication to frequent rinsing of the mouth. On this subject I can only bring forward the observations of a few cases, but which, as far as they go, are of great importance in elucidating the question.

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