Scirrhus, skir'rhus (skin-hot, hard, indurated).

The generation Parasl'toid (paratUe, eidon, resemblance).

Abernethy and others; and it is notorious that the experienced Desault, in the last years of his practice, abandoned the operation altogether, owing to the dreadful fatality which attended it in the Hotel Dieu; and even now, both in France and England, the opinion of its most strenuous supporters begins to wave. Bur'aa, pouch in mi: brane of back part of pharynx.

Gout of PodaxiB (pod-aks'is) or Podaxon. Even when a culture is taken, one negative finding does not exclude diphtheria, if the clinical symptoms are suggestive, and in the absence of a positive finding the patient should not be denied the benefit of antitoxin. Subacute bronchitis is, in common language, a slight cold, beginning usually with coryza, and running the same course as acute bronchitis, but Avith less severity, and perhaps not involving the same extent of the bronchial mucous surface. Furthermore, it has been noticed that onset of foot weakness is associated very commonly with temporarily debilitated conditions or run-down states associated with chronic infectious processes; and that as long as individuals are vigorous they can stand or walk continuously, become very heavy, withstand considerable injury, and wear almost any kind of shoes without Understanding of relaxations of the feet helps to make clear similar defects in the lower part of the spinal column which show results of action of similar underlying causes. Leave the separation altogether to nature, and the natural process will do all that is Ihit there is another (piestion.

There are no enclosed cor ridors and in passing to and from the diningroom all the children must go out of doors in Of the eight grades of the school, five are conducted out of doors, provisions being made for outside and inside rooms, the inside rooms being used in severe weather, the outside rooms being covered by an awning which is the only protection afforded.

Many, such as the use of antiseptic solutions for irrigation, etc., have been abandoned as injurious. Valvular disease is a constant cause of dilatation of the heart. The hip is practically never singled out by genuine acute rheumatic arthritis for invasion.

A decided precipitate indicates albumin. Another case, illustrative of a similar permanency of effusion, came under of pleuritis, wliich confined him for some time to the bed, nine years before health, being entirely free from any pulmonary symptoms except deficiency left side, with suppression of respiratory sound and vocal resonance, except signs were considered as denoting liquid in sufficient quantity to fill the pleural sac and compress the lung into a solid mass. He puUs back the prfepuce, and the orifice becomes a stricture behmd the corona glandis. Counter-irritation, by means of croton oil or stimulating liniments, is sometimes useful. When the slough is separated there is a slight discharge of pus for a few days, and if the tumor be of small size you vfill find that it is cured; but if it be large the application must be repeated. I saw her in consultation with Mr.

And this hypothesis of pressure being at the bottom of many nervous disorders, will explain equally well the obscure cases to which reference has been made. There is a short description of the case from which each plate was drawn, which adds to its value. After making the incisions in the two layers of the peritoneum they are sewed together, which immediately closes the peritoneal cavity, making the operation extraperitoneal. These symptoms are, irregular chills, fever, dryness of the mucous membranes exposed to the air, vomiting, diarrhoea, delirium, somnolence, and coma. Chittenden expressed the opinion that two at least of the dread diseases of mankind, cancer and tuberculosis, are probably the result of a disturbance of nutrition in which at least the predisposing causes are to be found in excess of nutritive material in general m the blood, or to a disturbance in the balance of nutritive materials in the circulating medium, or possibly in the tissues themselves. Among the diseases which malingerers are apt to feign are, epilepsy, paralysis, phthisis, aphonia, amaurosis, and insanity. Has taken no food, except gruel and thui broth, at present.

It occurs in certain seasons of the year in preference to other seasons. Plastic operation on the eye or in one or more of the muscles of the eye. Suppurative inflammation of the eye, leading to sloughing and the evacuation of the humors, is an occasional event.

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