No adequate history having been obtainable, the diagnosis was made from the clinical picture alone. This rigor continued a full quarter of an hour, and was followed by profuse perspiration. It is particularly deserving of recommendation in such cases, as it is constantly at hand.

The rate at which traumatic neuroses are increasing among female workers in all trades is a noticeable feature of modern industrial life, and for this the Workmen's Compensation Act is partly responsible. " It would be quite a little history, were I to enumerate the several plans I have adopted in the hope of devising a more perfect instrument for the purpose. The falling was not to any particular side, nor did objects rotate in any particular direction. The subsequent discharge w-as noticed that the purulent discharge was free from odor and rapidly diminishing in amount. Of the same opinion are Dupre and Devaux. This would mean that a little more than seventy per cent, of our male population contracted a urethritis of gonorrheal origin. At Moscow, Russia, in a period of ten years per cent.) died. Some years ago he looked up the literature, and although people talked glibly enough of"syphilitic lymphangitis," no one, as far as he had ascertained, had established the microscopical characters of the intimate pathological Mr. This fact is noticed in Berri in France, (a village,) where almost all the inhabitants follow the profession of making gunflints, and all of them die of phthisis, sooner or later.

In cases where the urine is acid, and there is no indication of the nature of the stone, it may be either uric acid or oxalate of lime, or an alternating calculus composed of these two substances. In the third and fourth quarters small tutorial groups are formed, each under the direction of an instructor. Theopbilus Thompson, The author has found, that during the administration of cod-liver oil to phthisical patients their blood grew richer in red corpuscles, and he refers to a previous observation of Dr. On full deviation towards the unaffected side and on vertical movements a similar nystagmus may also occur, the slow phase being towards the primary central position, or more correctly towards that point in space to the healthy side of it on which the eyes tend to deviate when at rest. After the end of one of these operations, a chemist of Havana, he saw forming a metallic globule of the diameter of nine-tenths of a milimetre, and this was mercury. The patient did not seem to have got much worse clinically while doing his work as a house-boy during the last nine months, though possibly the pathological lesion had advanced.

The exploratory incision into the peritoneum was then quickly closed, followed by a nephrectomy of the useless right kidney, and the inguinal canal closed in the usual manner. External biliary drainage is as a rule undesirable, except in late or complicated cases. Leaman, and it is indeed fitting, as Dr. .Puerto Rico ScHERR, Merle Sundrell. A case of retroflexion of the uterus, lately under his care in the clinical remarks on the complication in question. In about ten minutes, the breathing was much relieved, the pulse became moderate and of fair strength at the wrist. In the fourth quarter the students become acquainted with abnormal signs through examination purpose small groups under an instructor are formed. The first step of the operation was to pare the edges oi the fissure.

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