The limiting hydrogen-ion concentration of various tjrpes shown that the limiting hydrogen-ion concentration varies for a given organism, depending on factors which favour or hinder abundant growth. His experience has demonstrated that an exclusive milk diet answers the purpose admirably, as he shows by tabulating some of his cases. After almost three years of arduous duty in enforcing the foreign quarantine regulations of the United States at that port, and in studying sanitary conditions in South China in relation to commerce to the United States, he was ordered to return home via Suez, and At that time a severe outbreak of plague had just been reported at Guaymas, Mexico.

If you"sleep warm" in a cold room, you must look elsewhere for the cause of Is your office too hot or dry? Do you ride in crowded cars? Do you avoid breathing the breath and mists from other people? Are your throat, nose, tonsils, and teeth in good clean condition? head and I'm aching and sore below the breasts and around the ribs. There is what may be called an inflammatorj' process continually going on in the alveolar process. Department of the Western Pennsylvania University; Surgeon and Genito-Urinary Surgeon to South Side Hospital, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Although much could be done and was accomplished in diminishing the hazards of overcrowding by open window ventilation, by separation of the heads of sleepers by partitions of various kinds between bunks and by alternate head to foot arrangement of adjacent floor and cross window ventilation and other resources were of less importance than the provision of more floor space per man indoors. Such an effort on the part of milk dealers to indnce the observance of proper metbode in the production and handling of milk is most commendable. Two experiments were made on the human subject: in the first, gonorrhoeal pus mixed with the taurocholate solution for three minutes was placed in the urethra: in the second, the taurocholate solution was applied first, then and injected more of the taurocholate solution. He was a member of the Literary Staff of Sandra Elkins. Their activities embrace various elements of health New initiatives are occurring voluntarily across planning diminishes, we believe these positive will be increased efficiency with greater emphasis on the prevention, early intervention and treatment of chronic health problems which will result Rep. On the one hand, it was found possible to correct the chemical discords of the cells; on the other hand, it was found possible to exclude disease cells (microbes) by simple defensive devices, or to slay them in situ by suitable poisons. This eruption was preceded and accompanied by an annoying pruritus. It very slowly increased in size and became somewhat elevated above the surrounding growth was removed by the cautery. None give better promise than those conditions that are coupled with the menstrual flow, especially when seen at the adolescent period. Only yesterday he had seen still another case in a dissectingroom subject.

The theory that mosquitoes conveyed yellow fever had been advocated for several years prior to the demonstration referred to above by Dr. Let me know where the contagion house, but he comes every day and begs to be let in. And it likewise indicates the danger involved in drawing conclusions from experiments with a few others no more diseased but nevertheless secreting infectious milk.

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