Aikin, analytical chemist, was of the opinion that salt had no direct effect upon the production of diphtheria. Is owing to their containing no carbonic acid gas or atmospheric air, Carbonic acid is what gives to mineral, or soda water, its brisk and even pungent taste.

Hoskins in dollars and cents no one knows, and he will probably not tell, bat it is probable that he had to pay well for his unfortunate blunder. When completed it was declared too small, and the carpenter was induced to lie down in it himself, to show that it was even larger than ordered. The forced depression of the anterior part of the foot causes a painful displacement of the articular surfaces, the toes instead of the heel first touch the. A year later he fell off his horse, probably in a fit. Even if the flesh is not broken the part and clothes covering it should be thoroughly disinfected, as the virus may gain entrance through some other laceration. Buck, of Canada, also believed in moral insanity. These are the three objects which the bacteriological teacher must have in view in dealing with the medical student. Meigs Wilson considered oophorectomy a resort of doubtful propriety as a remedy for metritis, for, as the menopause occurring physiologically would not stop such an inflammation, we would scarcely expect it to be of greater benefit when the result of an operation.

Possessed of such knowledge, then, can there be any good or just reason to doubt the fitness of the veterinarian as an educator of the people, or as a valuable aid to the work of our societies which As to the various channels through which representatives of the veterinary profession are, or can become instructors or educators collies, whose object is to train young men for their life-work along the lines just indicated, who go out into the world equipped with the knowledge of humane methods for the prevention and alleviation of animal suffering. Express regret in a hopeful way, rather than by depressing and hopeless sympathy.

The urine, being examined, showed no albumen, but was literally loaded with phosphates, and very deeply colored. The Department's orders have resulted in very faulty and uneconomical one or more hospital experts for review and suggestion.

According to Vaudin, this test is therefore especially well fitted to keep old milk out of the market.

It can be last Reunion of Polish Surgeons, in Cracow, Volkowitch stated that in umbilical hernia he uncovers the internal portion of the two rectus muscles, cuts them, and rejoins them in such a way that they cross each other.

Futur purchasers will secure the Appendix alread Eclectic practitioner, writing in the Journal of Medicine and Science, expresses the opinion that in a majority of cases our present manipulation of plants is erroneous and based upon cheapness and convenience rather than efficiency. Free access to all records and most hearty cooperation were rendered by the officials of the Departments of Health and Bellevue and AlHed Hospitals. On opening this membrane a certain amount of turbid tluid escapes and the vessels of the pia-arachnoid are seen to be intensely injected. Sacs of collodion filled with a bouillon which had been previously sown with a little pleuro-pneumonic serum were carefully closed up and inserted into the peritoneal cavity of rabbits. While, perhaps, no subject affords so wide a variance of opinion, and many will differ strongly with the author on many points, still few will read the book without feeling that it was time well spent, and that a better knowledge of this important subject had been obtained. Soft food must be given, and sparingly at first. During the past two years he has treated at the Westminster Hospital thirty-three cases of excision and amputation, all by the open method, and no death has resulted.

Thus it is evident that a definite size must be chosen as a minimum measure, but that other conditions are involved, as, for example, the insertion of the stone.

The apiol was continued for nearly a month in gradually diminishing doses, and effectually prevented any recurrence of the fever, and she regained her customary previous good, aged nine, had suffered for a year with fever of the tertian type, at times varying to quotidian.

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