I imagine this pamphleteering system is but an advertising containing something new and instructive, but I detest all strutting in stolen clothes." states that he has had under treatment for morphinism eighty-two men and twentyeight women. The use of a steel apparatus facilitated an occasional and desirable estimate of possible decrease or increase of deformity, which was impossible with the immovable dressing. Results of this author's observations are not lavom-able to this agent (and lactic acid) as a substitute for opium, though it may limit its use in many cases, and even in exceptional cases replace it. This, judging from the prolonged unconsciousness and other synii)toms, seemed due to an effusion of blood, perhaps from the rupture of au artery. Necessarily, this must be detrimental to him who is so little capable of exerting self-determination.

Imperfect disintegration and imperfect oxidation of albuminous material in the liver is the result of the hepatic paresis thus superinduced. This provides that no person shall sell or produce for sale milk or cream without complying with sanitary conditions prescribed by the health oflioer, and obtaining a permit from him ( Relieved by a suitable dietary and the administration of bismuth and hydrocyanic acid and other stomacliic sedatives, together with an occasional mercurial purge.

Closing the abdominal wound, by forming an artificial anus. Under the new law, the provision calling for the certification and the exclusion of the constitutionally psychopathically inferior, all the potentially or latently defective or insane can be included. Operation is to be considered perfectly legitimate. Fl If you have any unusual device or special work to be done, consult with us and we shall be glad to carry ont If Call on us when you desire any of BOSTON MEDICAL AND SDROWAL JOURNAL They not only insure the best screen results when used in stomach work, but register the details so accurately as to make the diagnosis easy. The low-water mark in the physical degradation of this particular tribe of aborigines was apparently reached some lished for the training of Indian children, and the results have been so far satisfactory as to give ground for the belief that the physical regeneration of these people was not an impossible task. These cases present several factors of interest. Address Changes: Notify us promptly of any changes of address, mentioning hoth old and new addresses. Investigation in Kiihne's Physiological XXII. It also contains a calcarious phosphat which is more abundant in it, under similar circumstances, than in the other animal humors. If the fissure is fine and closed, the probabilities of a more extensive concealed osseous lesion are insuflicient to warrant further intervention in the absence of symptoms of intracranial complication. He lay in a condition of stupor, but could be aroused, and would answer questions correctly.

A quantity of water (about a cubical inch and a quarter,) that had been produced from snow, boiled and inverted over mercury whilst operations; gas was produced, but after the first three or four obtained, which proved to be common air.

I believe that this would give brilliant results, and I will in future treat these cases in this manner.

And teachers of the Eclectic School. There is not enough absorption of the toxin to stimulate Nature's antitoxic power and Anally there is not enough antitoxic power remaining in the exhausted system to be stimulated. They suppose then that it is possible, at least in several animals, to remove from above the thalami, without affecting them, to follow, them as far as the internal part of the nates, where they form a white lamina which occupies the centre of these The last point is certain; with respect to the first, as it can only be performed with the assistance of the handle of the scalpel, it is liable to the same doubt as all similar operations which may be tried on the brain. United States and Canada, whereijy all cattle purchased in Canada for importation into United States will be tested for tuberculosis and all contagious diseases by special official veterinarians, who will hold permanent positions and be appointed the provincial board of health of Manitoba, to consider the advisability of establishing a tuberculosis sanatorium, report that such an institution is greatly needed, as tuberculosis is undoubtedly increasing. The individual sees clearly and distinctly but two colours in the spectrum, we will say. Thus we had a portion of the intestine about five inches in length, not communicate ing with the rest of the body but by one artery and one mesenteric vein; these two vessels were separated at the distance of four fingers breadth. In suggesting the probable origin of this cyst from a diverticulum, it is considered that a shrinkage of the mesentery of the latter may have taken place, with a consequent traction of the end of the diverticulum towards the root of the mesentery, and eventually between its layers. The separation of the two halves may occur at one extremity or at both, and it may extend to any depth. Oozing from the mouth rapidly increased, becoming quite free by the next lipincreaKed in size, some of them becoming blebs one-quarter to three-eighths inch in diameter.

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