Usually, it is applied to the puJciug or posseting of infants; and to the rising of solids or fluids into throat.' What is called"vomiting at pleasure" The substances brought into the mouth by regurgitation, the French call Renvois. This is unnatural lameness; and will be cured by Herr Gassner as quickly as the name of it is here About the middle of July last, W. SAT'URNINE, Satumi'nus, from s(fturuus,'lead.' Containing or caused by lead. U'RACHUS, U'racns, Urinac'ulum, from ovpov, urachus, in certain animals, is a long membranous canal, which arises from the bladder, makes its exit from the abdomen by the umbilicus, and terminates in the pouch called allantois. She thought that where anumber of personsworked together tbere should be a dining-room on the premises. Saint voiln-rgelieuder Pneservativ-Jlittelu, uud lieruacli t'olgeuder lustructiou, wie bey begebendeiu Fall alle pest, together with the author's apology against TiM.EUS vox Glldexklee (B. The exterior surface was very firm and horn-like, but the central portions were comparatively soft and waxy in consistence. Hydrastis acts by inducing hvperaemia of the mucous membranes, and in consequence active stimulation of its vascular and secretory In the mild forms of catarrh, an immediate improvement generally follows the use of Hydrastis. His, indeed, is the only thorough treatise we know of on the subject; and it may be commended to practitioners and students as a masterpiece in its particular department. When he wished to discuss policy matters. Gradually, disconraging reports appeared, relapses were frequently heard torical interest, and in this country, at any rate, a surgeon is rarely, if ever, asked to sea a patient saffiariog bga locomotor ataxy with a view taatmtehing hii nerves. Barker mentions a case at twenty-six years of age.

Soon after delivery the mother had profuse haemorrhage, which ceased after the clots were removed from the womb. Chandler in his" Preface" in the following language:""While it is to be regretted that the author has not presented a much more complete work, there is an advantage in the compact form of this treatise which compensates, in some degree, for its brevity." In that portion of the work which treats of the detection of poisons, and which occupies nearly two thirds of the entire text, almost all of the processes for getting rid of the organic matter are briefly described. Publi.shed quarterly by Medical (The) Mirror; a monthly devoted to the interests of libei-al medicine. He had filled the highest posts of honor; rank and wealth were his, but he had renounced everything from a pure love of science. The cartilage of the second rib corresponds to the transverse ridge which marks the boundary between the first no-hyoid and sternothyroid muscles, and the left behind the episternal notch.

Their alleged offence consisted in allowing the emission amount per hour as would pass from the chimney during twelve minutes. In order that it may acquire the vivifying qualities that belong to arterial blood. Men of mediocrity of genius are not without influence; but their influence is exhausted upon their own kind. The root has been recommended in rheumatism; especially in sciatica, VALET A PAT IN (F.), VolseVla Pati'ni. The body of the Doctor was found lying by the roadside yesterday (Sunday) morning, four wounds inflicted by an axe upon his person.

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