Controls were made by repeated estimations on the same patient, by the use of different doses of the dye and by estimation of the blood volume before and after venesection and infusion, and all tended to show the accuracy of the method.

And much greater of the judgment, though this is not much over which reason seems to have very little command. In one of these ways the infection is supposed to have been carried to this house. The use of frequent flushings, recognizing the fact that the chemical life of the solution is extremely short, was an essential point. At Fleetwood Academy and the University of Virginia; M.D., profile of Dr. It is only with that portion in which he appears to claim as his own, the suggestion of the theory that there does exist such a reflex relation between the sympathetic and the cerebro-spinal systems, and his presentation of it as an observation entirely new. (Aromatic Liquid Pepsin.) water and the acid, and shake the mixture frequently until the pepsin is dissolved. The patient was forty-six years of age and was treated for syphilis fourteen years ago, taking regular treatment for some time. The female urethra, too, has been dilated and stones removed from the bladder, where, in the past, the knife would have been used. MEMOIR ON SOME POINTS OF THE NORMAL AND PATHOLOGICAL ANATOMY OF THE MUCOUS MEMBRANE By Doctor Charles Robin, Professor Agrege of the Faculty of Paris, Member of the Academy of Written expressly for the New Orleans Medical News and Hospital Gazette, and translated by The cotyledons which are found on the uterine surface of the placenta constitute a series of irregular projections with intervening furrows of various depth.

The edges of the synovial membrane are then pulled well out through the gap in the fibrous capsule, rolled back over the edges of this capsule and sutured with catgut to its outer surface, so as to leave no exposed edge of synovial membrane. It is "" altogether local, and principally confined to the face, fore-arms, and backs of the hands. Open only to licensed physicians of New York State. Blake stated that though this evidence appeared quite conclusive there remained certain definite objections to accepting the Pfeiffer bacillus as the primary cause of influenza, which might be divided pointed out that of the general arguments against the influenza bacillus two of those most commonly advanced had been the undoubted presence of influenza bacilli in the throat of normal individuals and in association with other respiratory diseases than influenza. Treatment of attack should be further divided into: (a) those with arterial hypertension and (b) those twt so comjilicated. I accepted this teaching, like most others, and up until a couple of years ago attempted to change back to sweet milk as soon as the baby had started to thrive on the buttermilk formula. What thoughtful practitioner can fail to recognize in these daily recurring facts the existence of another Power which is at last the arbiter of life and death; and that upon the blessing of this invisible but superior being, his own success in the healing art depends? In whom then more than in the Physician should the devotional sentiment be elicited? and how naturally does true piety seem to crown the character of one, who, in every step of his career finds himself touching his Maker? of men. Bom at Jebenhauscn, Wiirttemberg, Februar ticed, first, at Carlisle, Pa.; President, Baltimore Medical A Diseases, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Bisdtimore, i Professor of GyiiaBcology and Obstetrics, Baltimore Polyclinic, Diseases of Women and Children, Baltimore Medical College, son of William Wesley Athey. My fother, Edwin Renfrow, Roach visited Wiser during the latter's sickness and, I think, contracted the disease from him.

Suspecting what he had done, he removed the ligature, caught the artery separately, ligated it, and placed a tampon against the proximal lumen of what was undoubtedly the completely divided hepatic duct from which the bile literally poured.

Such a procedure does not, in my opinion, endanger the life of the patient in the If the OS uteri was closed, and no hemorrhage going on, or, even if hemorrhage was taking place, I would thoroughly tampon the vagina, give ergot, and then wait for twenty-four hours. Also recognizes a Infusion of Rose, Compound. These symptoms gradually increased for ten days when he found he could not walk at all.

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