The stagiaire reads his report first, giving a detailed history and describing such indications as he has made out. Cure of antral suppuration and relief of headache. Perioclm hffse Reactions: In rare instances, iron in therapeutic doses bjjces gastro-intestinal reactions, such as diarrhea or constiitTn. The benzoic acid which separates is filtered off and, after extraction with ether to remove any benzoic acid still remaining, the filtrate is evaporated to dryness.

If this does not interfere with the taking qualities of the lymph, it is an excellent procedure.


The best way of using which is, not that of a pencil-brush, but of letting a drop of it fidl into the eye, melted for the purpose in a small silver spoon held over a candle.

This manifestation of tuberculosis is probably the one that is least known to the average general practitioner and publicity of this fact among medical men should certainly prove of great value. The presence of an infant at his side restored his confidence. There are many healthy specimens of manhood here today that sucked at the end of the long tube, and it is used for the young of animals, too," and it was gravely argued that being good for the raising of pigs it ought to serve equally well for babies.

Much could be said of the professional obliquities practiced by some of the leading surgeons and physicians who have established private hospitals or retreats for the sick. To do justice to the patient is the duty of every physician. This is essential that the control of the organization be in the hands of the medical profession. I he third was punctured once only and returned to consciousness, whereupon further puncture was refused by the family.

Sometimes it may only be as long as the thickness of the peritoneal layer, plus that of the sub-peritoneal lymph vessel wall, or the canal may pass down obliquely. Guests of the hotel are taking to the new bread enthusiastici I'y- Not a few say that its flavor is such that there is no necessity of using butter.

Tests for skatol-carbonic acid, it is necessary to isolate from several liters of urine a sufficient quantity to give marked reactions. This is what one finds at Gottingen, Konigsberg, and Marburg. If her insanity is not generally suspected abroad it is perhaps due to extravagant notions held there as to the possibilities of American customs and manners; but to an impartial observer in this country with a knowledge of the published facts in the family history the evidences are sufficient to more than merely suggest mental aberration as a charitable supposition in the case. Nutrient gelatine disclosed the presence of two distinct species of cocci and also in chains; h as single cocci and zooglea-form After what has preceded, it might be supposed that the" contagiousness of erysipelas was not only absolutely established, but that the agent of infection was everywhere admitted and recognized." But such is not at all the case; for the same journal the contagiousness of erysipelas; and whether there be or be not erysipelas in the ward, I am not in the least hindered when I have But medical sentiment is adverse to such doctrine, and it is put on record a protest against the retention of erysipelatous patients in the ward of hospitals for treatment." Against admission of such cases all would doubtless agree in this country; but as the disease may not, at the time of application, have been developed or diagnosticated, the protest appears to advantage, although not laying claim to novelty or originality. James Funkhouser, pathologist at Miami Valley Hospital. Adherents of the old school of course would forbid anything acid, fruits, salad, etc., on account of the alkalescence of the blood. The treatment of burns, for instance, has been rendered more certain and results are being achieved that were considered impossible. The mixture becomes cloudy after the addition of the reagent, but on further heating the cloud disappears and in five to ten minutes needle-shaped crystals are formed. One long and tedious project concerning the effective utilization of maternity beds in Ohio hospitals, known by such titles as"Clean Gyn Patients been on the agenda of our committee meetings since The Ohio State Medical Journal authorizing the admission of noninfectious gynecologic patien's to obstetric beds in Ohio maternity hospitals, was adopteil by the Public Health (iouncil is a part of the Ohio Sanitary ('ode.

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