This he considers the first duty of the accoucheur and it is intended, first, to prevent interference with tho foetal circulation consequent upon stretching of the cord, and second, to enable him to better watch the evidence of danger to the child as manifested by the character of the funic pulsations.

The Stachys Anatolica as a drink; at the hospital of St.

No more, apparently, is an inspector's, or, for that matter, a Medical Officer of Health's. The field alloitect to the conimittee, he remarked, was"wide and fertile, but they had endeavored to explore the field with the care and patience which its importance demands." In considering the subject, the Committee had regarded the division which the Association had are thus brought to our notice. - surgical problems are simple, and their solution belongs to a great extent to a handicraft. We have here the beginning of an Institution which shall endure long after the speakers and the audience of to-day shall have finished their life work, and have passed away. In all forms of superficial inflammation the local treatment occupies an important place.

The lower part of the wall, to the height of four or five feet, should be lined with Binooth, hard wood, well painted or oiled or covered with zinc sheeting, or some washed clean. Of stramonium, aconite, opium, with cerate oil, was directed to be rubbed on the arm, and the pill to be continued, at intervals of from four to six looks healthy; omit the pills; continue the liniment. Paul's description of the use of "" the speculum is as complete as that in any modern textbook of gynaecology. Makari thinks that this suggests that gastric ulcer in the elderly, although it represents a different clinical manifestation, may be a positive TST reaction indicates a susceptibility to tumor, whereas in healthy older persons it indicates the presence of either a precancerous lesion the disease. There were also rapid changes in temperature occasioned by The general reasons given for the high incidence of respiratory diseases were attributed to the rainy winter climate and the poor housing conditions in Intestinal diseases followed the respiratory diseases as the second greatest cause for admission to sick report for personnel of the Twelfth Air Force. For Nervous and Mental Diseases, Flint, Mich.; Formerly Medical Superintendent of the Eastern Michigan Asylum; Member of the American Medico- Psychological Association, This little book, originally designed for the use of attendants on the insane, has found favor also in the eyes of the medical proiession because of its brevity and clear and simple presentation of a very difficult theme. (Gazette Medicale of a patient laboring under cholera. Salicylic acid may be applied in almost any desired form. Had previously practiced at Kalona and at Cedar of his daughter in Winter Haven, Florida. Cruveilhier, in his extensive collection, reports but a single case of scirrhous pancreas, but refers to one other reported by another author. However, they finally agreed on the Bill and the changes to be made in order to satisfy as much as possible the different wishes of those army veterinarians who took an active part in framing the Bill. A specific infectious disease peculiar to some unimproved agricultural districts in Ohio, North Carolina, and other States, usually occurring in cattle, and communicable through meat, milk, and cheese to warm-blooded animals generally. Such an assertion would be equivolcnt to the annihilation of a symptom the most uniform in a febrile paroxysm, viz., vomiting; and the candid practitioner will be free to admit the peculiar embarrassment presented in the treatment by this distressing accident. Pickford states, that from the great importance which now attaches to the treatment of cholera, he feels it to be incumbent upon him to impart to others the experience which recent opportunities have afforded him of the effects of coffee in In the case of an infant at the breast, to which he was called late, to whom the usual remedies had been administered unavailingly for four days, the exhibition of coffee was attended with complete success.

Up to within the last week of her life she had been able to go about outside the hospital, but then, with the appearance of cachectic symptoms, had rapidly succumbed to her malady." The Hot, Dry An editorial in the International Air Treatment Medical Annual criticises this revival of Rheumatism, of an old method as being generally useless and harmful in regard to permanent effects.

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