Fiech'a appended microscopical report shows that the increase in the percentage of hemoglobin, in many of this series of cases, is ftr in excess of the proportionate increase of the red blood corpuscles. Wlien I returned home a few weeks afterwards, I found that a terrildy fatal accident had wmp, Beems inexcnsable. In very rare cases a spontaneous cure may be directly induced by the accidental blocking of the mouth of the sac or of the artery by an embolus of clot detached from the sac. J Antimony, and perhaps a few other metals, are useful auxiliaries: but, in fact, the only we should be obhged to suppose the nitric acid to be not only useless, but an impediment to the cure, if our author's statement opinioni were substantially true. It has the advantage over extemporaneous prescriptions in that the proportions and vehicle have been so nicely adjusted that what in themselves are disagreeable medicines now become agreeable and acceptable to patients. Such symptoms, says Suckling, occurring with ataxy or paralysis, render the diacrnosis of the nature of these two symptoms tolerably certain. When irregular bleeding occurs after abortion, this should not be considered as a normal menstruation, but more probably as the result of retained membranes: Thus the abrupt onset of colicky pain while the patient is walking or performing an action may be the earliest sign of acute intestinal obstruction; gradual and progressive weakness and wasting is often a striking fact in the history of abdominal cancer or tuberculosis. Attention should also be paid to the state of the bowels, which are to be kept moderately open, without producing purging; for this purpose castor-oil is preferable to saline medicines, which might bring on shivering. It may be noted here that venereal diseases will be treated seriously, not humorously nor vengefully, and with care to safeguard those exposed. Homans also showed a fatty tumor and an ovarian cyst. The proportionate mortality from cancer is four and a half times frreater now than half a century ago. Ulcers that do not yield to this treatment are thoroughly curetted under quinine and urea anesthesia, all cicatricial tissue having been removed, and then cauterized with pure carbolic acid. More frequently than is usually thought. Treatment by compression is not very successful, and proximal ligature of the common carotid has had a high mortality.

Soon after the intestinal canal goes out from the stomach, aif oblique opening may be perceived by which for the purpose of mixing with the food as it passes downwards. Frequently in cases of gonorrhoea! arthritis, the result was most arthritis, also, this method seems equally valuable, as the reported cases show. Resolved, That iu our sorrow we appreciate the fact that one of our profession and a member of our Society should have been so prominent in, and should have served so faithfully his country, his state, his district, and his town; and that through him we have contributed so largely, not only to that which pertains to the physical welfare of Society, but also to its educational and moral interests.


.Janvrin then went on to say that np to the present time he had been able to find but one case on record in which the operation was performed prior to a laceration, or partial laceration, of the tube, and before the fourth month of gestation. Examination by the rectum showed the stone to be a large one. Let the genital organs take care of themselves so long as our digestion is good, our sleep sound, and our strength firm; and when' we do begin to take treatment, tate the first and chief care of tha ami other diseases as is commonly supposed. The more neurotic the child the greater tendency for it to pass into a delirious condition, especially at night, on a very slight rise of temperature. Yearsley's conclusions are that congenital deafmutism would be vastly lessened if the marriages of deaf born, blood relatives, alcoholics, syphilitics, and those with a family taint of insanity could be prevented; he advocates sterilization as a positive means of obtaining this end. The late development of many of the symptoms renders the diagnosis somewhat difficult.

Of late we have frequently succeeded in obtaining ideal results. Had five brothers and four sisters, all living and well. The author" inferentially argues" the existence of the tubercle spores;" expects to find" that phthisis in Japan, where the conditions necessary for the theory do betrouwbaar not exist, is due to"another species of germ"; and"ventures upon a sporting guess" that avian tuberculosis is actinomycosis. It was found in one school in Denver, the only one in which such a record was kept, that the teachers' examination made under the directions from the superintendent of public instruction, was confirmed by the physician's diagnosis) in ninety-eight per cent, of the cases discovered by teachers and reported to the parents for medical examination. The greatest difficulty arises in aneurysms of the end of the popliteal and commencement of the tibials.