Owner, trainer or rider of a horse in regard to the heats if the first heat is" dead" or is lost by a horse that wins the race in the next consecutive horse's hind foot leaves the ground, to where it is and second horses take the stakes, each owner contributing an equal amount. " Most of the ground has, I am aware, been already covered, especially as regards so-called surgical anatomy.

Athole Ross upon the cases treated by bacterial vaccines. Another bit of evidence in favor of the systemic effect is the marked leukopenia present in severely gassed patients, as described by Zunz and Krumbhaar, and observed also after intravenous injection in rabbits. Physiology, Report on Progress of.

After ren arking that the anatomists have contented themselves with the mere unexplained statement that the peritoneum is very closely adherent over the fundus, he proceeds to whether the adhesion might not be overcome so as to permit operators to strip the peritoneum off the fundus. Resisted treatment by large quantities of lime water, etc.

On incising the dura mater, which was thin and friable, a soft pinkisli-white substance was seen covering the cortex and bulging out like a cauliflower from the wound. Indeed, I can well understand how it is that the oldfashioned jacket linseed poultice is superior to such a mode of Therefore, with the object of bringing to greater perfection tiiis important auxiliary in the treatment of diseases of the lungs, I designed a rubber apparatus which is represented in the following cut, which has been manufactured by Messrs. The patient was placed with his shoulders raised and head hanging over the end of the table. The latter kind of case is so obvious that it is hardly necessary to give special illustration of it. He made a second examination which was also negative. Ilavinjf secured tlie head after tlie manner of photographists, and fixed the cliin witli an analogous arrangement, he adapts a microscope and a system of illumination.

Among several hundred cases of bone fistulas which I have had occasion to treat, I have seen only certain rare instances in which the suppuration proceeded from a focus of infection in the external surface of the bone; the great majority presented a focus in the interior of the bone or of the callus, except in cases of Two factors dominate all the process of the bone fistula: first, the presence of a cavity with rigid walls; second, the infection of this cavity. He gives the roentgen findings also in some cases "" with, a diverticulum in the duodenum. Tliey consider, further, that the minimum period after which a nurse can be advertised as thoroughly trained is three years, and that nurses sent to private cases should be paid a sliding scale commission on their earnings.

The objects for which the Assoc aUon is instituted have already been noticed Dr.


Where the disease was extensive, but not too far advanced toprevent complete removal, the combined operations of pylorectomy and gastro-enterostomy, as in cases reported by Messrs. As // it is in some of the newer subjects: but there is much yet to learn.

T'he bacteriological department is in two large rooms on the ground-floor, and is well fitted up with the necessary apparatus and with abundant culture media. Tauber was given access, showed results fully equal to those of the first German clinicists, such as Vulkmann, important resections of joints, there was not one fatal result; of very favourably with statistics published by other surgeons and other schools. In fatal cases, convulsions, delirium, coma closed the scene. Especially interesting is the chapter on the pension system hitherto followed by our government, and the contrast between indiscriminate pension and economic of the Division of Physical Reconstruction, Surgeon-General's Office, U. A careful chest examination should be made when the progress of these diseases is accompanied by signs of additional septic absorption. But it is doubtful W'hether prevailing sentiment would allow this to "reviews" be carried out. Bathe the injury with the chloride of zinc lotion, and support the body, as the symptoms demand liberality In all wounds gain, if possible, a large depending orifice, and cover the denuded surfaces with a rag saturated with oil of tar, or solution of tar.

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