It is too late to prepare it when required. It will be remembered that in the Plutus of Aristophanes, the blind Plutus enters the abaton of the Asklepieion at Athens in order to be cured. Thus, infc'ctions arc rare iu younger ag(' groups. The limitation of the disturbance to a single hip is exceedingly rare in scurvy and strikingly simulated true hip joint disease, liad the latter condition existed, however, we should have had apparent lengtheninrg of the extremity with abduction of limb and aversion of the foot, instead of mere flexion. Marion Sims used strong zinc chloride solution, others calcium carbide, pyothemin, absolute alcohol, etc. Epidural haemorrhages are easily accessible, the operation for the same does not involve much risk, while the subdural ones are much more serious as they involve the greater liability of cerebritis and -hernia, but the dangers of hernia and encephalitis from opening the dura are controllable and are minimized by strict asepsis and careful closure of this membrane. Such inoculation was very frequently successful, even when the secondary vesicles were of quite irregular form; and, when successful, the vesicles were always well formed and their course Dr. Two of them, however, were from the dropping of foreign bodies into the air-passages: in the one case, a plate supporting artificial teeth; and in another, part of a gag, which had broken in the mouth. She has lost flesh, and it is only a question of time and that erfahrung very short, when she will die from this accompanied by her brother-in-law, who was also a doctor, came to me for some"trivial" rectal trouble. All of these principles, as well as income strategy for the welfare program do not add up to much enthusiasm for a federally controlled health industry. In glaucoma there was frequently a remission of of the symptoms; but this should not prevent us from being prepared for another Dr. Some of the pathological conditions the Talmud mentions are malignant throat affections,"fever." jaundice, bulimia, hydrophobia, epistaxis, haemoptysis, gastritis, syphilis (?), dropsy, scabies, malaria.

The chief characteristics were drowsiness, puffed face, suffused eyes, headach, white tongue, skin hot and dry, diarrhoea, bronchitis, with expectoration of scanty, viscid mucus, of rusty tinge. He was severely salivated by mercury, which he had been taking. In addition to the normal development of the symptoms, others arise due to medication. The spasms occurred every few minutes, and corresponded to the paroxysms of pain.

Lime has the disadvantage of rapid deterioration in this climate and to have value must be fresh. I preface my remarks with this because the success of a correction of posterior displaceinent of the uterus by -shortenitig these ligaments depends largely on this fact. Engaged, was much more severe than that known by the title of" office-work," the coefficient of which in grains of urea may the number of hours of occupation, and reducing the result in Whether we consider this kind of mental labour, or that already discussed, it Is plain that they both indicate a waste of tissue of a higher order than that involved in the common Opus mechaniciun, as may be seen from the following comparison of exceptional, and do not fall under tlie preceding investigation.

Though not carried out on all the lines intended, as the survey is assuming proportions not contemplated, I close.

Absolutely Devoid oi Usual Hospital Odors. Hence, in cases with such a diameter, I think craniotomy is justifiable." As an alternative and Caesarean section, he thinks craniotomy is the proper thing where the mother has had a number of living children, and the pelvic deformity came on since; but if the woman has had a number of still-born children, or has had craniotomy performed before, and she desires a living child, Caesarean section is the right thing.

Contact: Miss Grace Gillespie, Division of Common Disorders Seen at the Community Hospital, use and St. It is most seen on old pasture land, where there is plenty of fog for cover. The steps of the operation are similar to that at the kneejoint, save that the articular surfaces ot the femur are removed. (Dun.) Cold, dampness, predisposition, the debility caused by other diseases, and heredity are its chief in drinking water. A finger of the patient is then to be washed, pricked, and a small amount of blood received upon the covering-glass, without the latter coming in contact with the skin, by which fat globules and other impurities might be taken up.

Such ordinances as may be necessary to enforce the foregoing instructions, if not already in force, should be urged upon the municipal council, and anv Municipal ordinances should provide for proper maintenance of premises: proper care of food and drink; and should impose adequate penalties for violation of the same.

But in spite of the excellent quarantine arrangements made in times past, embracing costly buildings, well-ordered hospital accommodations and a numerous and wellpaid force of attendants, the quarantine of inward-bound ships is practically abandoned because it has been found essentially useless; vessels having cholera on board are purified and the patients are removed to the quarantine hospital, but the ships are then allowed to proceed without further the reception this year of four sailors, who This virtual abandonment of the quarantine at Odessa grows out of some such state of things as was alluded to in our own observations.

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