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" It is quite unnecessary to dwell longer on this subject, when it is recollected that an opening made in the windpipe, previous to suspension, will not preserve life. However, the blood picture is confusing for the atypical lymphocytes of infectious mononucleosis are not so easily differentiated from the pathological lymphocytes of acute leukemia and it is only by careful and repeated studies of the blood and by careful observation and other features of the case that a definite conclusion can be reached. The egg is variable in size and shape, sometimes nearly spherical, at others markedly oval. Another patient with a less degree of the same valvular lesion may not be able to take a dozen steps and be quite incapable of doing any The contraction of the cardiac muscle cannot be compared to that of the biceps.

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To most laymen, and even to many physicians and health officers, no doubt, health means merely the absence of disease. Tbads are the very best protection of Cabbages Peach Trees are protected from hard winters bv covering (he roots a foot deep with straw, in January, after ttie ground has become thoroughly frozen, which keeps Ihe frost in the ground, and so prevento the sap from starling until the Spring is fairly opened. Precautions: Ideally, supportive therapy is indicated for anemic, dehydrated, or malnourished patients prior to initiation of anthelmintic therapy.

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