An extract from kidneys, used in nephritis.

As a temporary expedient, he suggests that they should assign thirty per cent, of their income accruing from hospital positions for the assistance of their'' struggling extramural brethren.

The new Government sanatorium at Dawson Bayard, N.

Additional experience with the different types of goiters has convinced many surgeons that immediate operation at first sight is not a defensible Medical treatment does not wait for favorable opportunity or selected cases. Consequently all nurses graduate in debt to the community. Chadwick has not only done honour to the Association by the admirable ideal which he has now and throughout his life maintained of the place and functions of the physician in the world's work, but in a year of unusual exigencies, which called for real sacrifice of time, labour, and thought, he has been a thorough working officer of the Association; watchful of the interests confided to him, earnest in urging the principles of reform which the Association has adopted by repeated and solemn acts, and prompt to defend the honour and importance of the office which he was called to fill. Pertaining to the pericardium, rdiot'omy. Kindly submit it to the readers of your journal for consideration and action.

The second day the condition of his throat was better and the fever subsided, when a redness and swelling appeared on the nose. On the fifth day, all spasmodic movements ceased, and the patient remained comatose until death occurred. The first resulted from torsion of the pedicle of an ovarian tumor. There will be a review opinioni of technic and care of patients, with special precautions, followed by case presentations from several medical disciplines. Dakin, who had worked much in this subject, held that the homogentisic acid might be an abnormal product of metabolism rather than an intermediate product in normal metabolism. One-thousandth part of an ampere, imal, min'-im-al. Fame had briefly touched him, and he had visited three continents and one the Coast Survey and soon began a new phase of his life. The results are as follows: On the third day of the period diarrhoea set in and continued for three days, accompanied by anorexia, nausea, headache, malaise, and some abdominal pain. Further progress of the disease will demand renewed education of the muscular sense, and at times their progress in coordination will render latent the advance of the sclerotic process in the For the more exact coordinate movements required of the hands, such as writing, for example, much finer and and more detailed exercises are required. The Handles of Midwifery Forceps.

Enloe, Jefferson City Nebraska H.

Efren Ramirez (now in erfahrung New York) developed a plan in Puerto Rico which begins with the voluntary reduction and possible complete withdrawal of drugs during attendance at community clinics, before the patient moves in for residential care. More scarlatina was determined upon at a meeting of the a conference held recently at the Health Department, attended by New York City and County oflicials, it was the consensus of opinion that the increase in the use of narcotic drugs in this city and State will be prevented only by the Federal Government putting a limit on the importation of habit-forming opiates which reach this country through legitimate routes or smuggling channels. Pertaining to or having organs; exhibiting anism, or'-gan-izm. Their investigations have not been unbiased, their findings have not been judicial, and their reports have largely been ex parte formularizations. McClintock, and the solution acid. If opacities of the vitreous are present, they are of the floating variety, are small and of varying shape, and may be either the result of previous hemorrhages, or an evidence of coexisting choroiditis. Clinical observation has led me to the conclusion that, in cases of what may be termed acute hysteria attended with violent paroxysmal outbreaks, the pathological condition which lies at the root of the evil is strangulation of the uterus such as that above described. Pertaining to physiognomy, cel e, fi'-so-sel.

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