Constipation is present in the majority of cases of appendicitis, yet in a few diarrhea ushers in the attack. Patient had never had pelvic trouble, never had frequent nor burning micturition.

Some general information desirable to the profession," I do not think this section affords much material of that sort. Further particulars have oozed out about the cases of drunkenness treated in Dundee, several people having written to say that to their certain knowledge in many instances the" cures" had only been very temporary. This foreign material was, of course, removed, but a slight irritation of the tissues was produced, the evidence of which appeared only to-night.

Two different but not necessarily contradictory points of view. Here the inflammatory process has implicated the fascia of the psoas muscle and has caused an inflammatory oedema of the muscle itself. Almost immediately upon her arrival home the pain returned, and Dr. Inoculations on animals and cultures did not succeed. A horizontal incision was made over the centre of the stomach; it contained about a pint of mucus and bright blood. His reasons for the permanent characters of the nimals, it is true; it is also admitted that they are generally ept by the poorer class of people, and that comparatively ttle attention is paid to their breeding; but we cannot conlude with the author, however, that their numbers are so few as to preclude their liability to change or variation (if number be necessary to that result); for in some countries they are prized for their sure-footedness in climbing mountains, and for fact that these animals are generally in the hands of the poor classes can scarcely be advanced as an argument for their remaining unchanged.

But the art is within the reach of everyone who is willing to acquire it, and I re-assert that the time will come when every well equipped practitioner will possess and be able to use the opthalmoscope. He must be educated to the necessity of avoiding such infection and in his relation to infection of others. Dondas Grant exhibited a safety endolaryngeal Dr. As to how it acts, I can at present only call attention to the theory that I proposed in my first paper on the subject, and that is briefly: That all the organs of the body possess the power, when in a state of health, of secreting from the blood the peculiar substance that they require for their nutrition, and that they take this substance and no other, never making a mistake in the matter.

The Brazilian's coffee to be good must be"black as night,""bitter as death" and"hot as hell." One thousand and nineteen medical students attends the University of Dorpot, Russia. The principal pathological lesion was in the spinal cord, and the pyramidal tract had suffered most; next the ganglia as well as of the anterior It is typical of the disease that the different portions of the cord are not affected alike.

By a judicious combination of the two there follows that alternating rest and activity that is so conducive to growth and development, comparable to the beneficent diurnal waking and sleeping. The urine is, however, usually increased in amoimt, with the specific gravity nearly normal or slightly less than normal. Whey is not one of those remedies, the efficacy of which proceeds by rapid and unexpected changes; its action is slow, and patience is necessary.

Pinney very carefully adjusted the two ends and replaced them. A Surgical Procedure for the Relief of Ovarian-Tension Pain, Dr. The roughened intima with the sluggish current that must flow through some of these vessels favors thrombosis, and thrombi may be seen in some of the vessels, such as the smaller interlobular arteries. Again, in some cases we may be mistaken as to the character of the growth, as in this case referred to in pylorectomy.

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