In jaundice, where bleeding HiEMATEMESIS: bewertung. The channel was situated in the anterior portion, the eighth, ninth and twelfth dorsal and first and second lumbar vertebrae being eroded a depth of a half inch. Owing to the attachment of the colon to the abdominal walls by cellular tissue, it will not retract as would the small intestines, even after it has been opened and its contents have escaped. The surface from which the placenta had been torn was ragged, and a small portion of the placenta was found still adherent. Recently in Philadelphia a number of mice with spontaneous tumors were merely moved from one part of the city to another, whereupon the tumors rapidly disappeared. Moyer, MD, Secretary: Jaan Siderov, MD, Geisinger Executive Director: Mr.

Hence you should send your protest without delay. In fact, tourists are so often told that the weather of Southern California is" exceptional," that they greet the word with an exasperating smile of incredulity; and they very often write or report to their friends that the climate is a fraud and the people are all liars. MD, MARK B CUMBERLAND WHITTAKER.


The foreign importation is known, and the average amount used has been pretty satisfactorily ascertained, but it is thus far impossible to find out how much of the drug is produced in China.

To such an editor a salary should be given which would make him independent in a pecuniary point of view.

Most frequently it develops gradually, though in some cases suddenly, and it generally lasts from six months to three or four years: At the same time whilst for clearness the various causes have been made to assume a somewhat tabular form, it is not intended that the interdependence of these states should be overlooked, or that one only of the causes mentioned is at work in any our functions alike forbid such a mistake being made: erfahrungen. After producing a pneumococcic infection in the rabbit, treatment with such a serum brought about a crisis and a cure in three animals. We may speak of at least Symptomatic Asthma: and (.'!) certain peculiar varieties of the disease, of which hay fever or asthma is the most important. The local inflammation may commence in some wound or abrasion, but it may also arise spontaneously. The pupils are equally contracted and react to light. The writer thinks he has better deflued not only the positive value, but also the limitation of the medical evidence in these cases, than has been heretofore possible; that one can more precisely estimate the true worth of expert testimony in these cases. For this purpose the best caustic is chemically pure nitric acid, though chromic acid, pure carbolic acid, or acid nitrate of mercury may be employed. Forming the November and December This is a valuable addition to the existing works on this subject. The autopsy showed a fibrinous clot about the size of a nutmeg in the subclavian triangle, which being removed, a small opening in the vertebral gut was lying, which was thought to have ero-ded the artery.

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