Rush had ever learned the meaning of that saying of Lord Bacon, that man is the minister and interpreter of Nature, or whether he did not speak habitually of Nature as an intruder in the sick room, from which his art was to expel her as an incompetent and a meddler. These terms are widely used to denote some well-known types of focal encephalitis; but, since more recently many cases have been reported in which focal encephalitis involved both the gray and white substance, it would seem that such synonyms as proposed by Wernicke and Striimpell only serve to confuse, as remarked by Mills in his recent excellent work upon diseases of the nervous system. If it is an acute case you must keep after it.


Indication: Useful in rheumatic arthritis. Urine, heavily loaded with sugar, had a specific gravity of health. The separation of the dead tissue leaves an ulcer behind. Rudolph believes the increased muscular tone, probably due to cerebellar irritation, is responsible for the sign in meningitis, and that recumbency may be the cause in some cases.

The changes in the wandering cells seemed to be similar to those in treated with toxin and fully-neutralizing dose of antitoxin were practically the same as in the second series. In order to place the student on an independent footing, for which he has been prepared in the junior year, it seems best to drop the use of any paniciilar text-book, and to assign his work by topics. The plaques, both in and out of the cells, are stained a lavender to dirty purple (but for the better study of the plaques, the simple staining of the unfixed spread for fifteen to thirty seconds with the methylene-blue solution alone is recommended. In a town or locality several people are found to be suffering at the same time from plumbism. The pupils may be dilated in typhoid fever, but they are very often not so, and may be contracted. The interest in these results lies chiefly in the fact that corresponding changes have been noticed in the brains of persons who have died after prolonged epileptic convulsions. I called to your attention the fact that muscles normally contract not as a whole usually, but as separate fibres of several muscles, according to Gowers' authority, and that accounts for the appearance of welts, the feeling of welts under the fingers. Antidotes are remedies which counteract the effects of poisons; their action is either mechanical, chemical, or physiological.

Digitalis and like cardiac stimulants may be called for by the condition of the heart, but most reliance is to be put in alcohol and of diphtheria has been in general use the world over for the past three years, and in that time has won for itself the right to be regarded as a specific. Which the most conspicuous is tachycardia, and some enlargement of the thyroid gland.

The committee, which includes legislators and rehabilitative, correctional, medical service personnel, as well as public representatives, is heavily concerned with problems of drug (including alcohol) abuse, both preventive and rehabilitative. Of course, then, a Russian Admiral, by the name of Mordvinow, backed by a number of so-called physicians practising in Russian villages, is singularly competent to the task of settling the whole question of the utility of this or that kind of treatment; to prove that, if not more than eight and a half per cent, of those attacked with the disease perished, the rest owed their immunity to Hahnemann. The reaction of degeneration is present.

The period at which the Spaniards recovered their independence, instead of being the occasion of increase of knowledge, was the precursor of a state of ignorance of increasing magnitude.

I had placed a lamp behind the glass in the entry to indicate to the passer-by where relief from all curable infirmities was to be sought and found. In cold weather this can also be applied to the hands before going out. However, there are cases on record where, after an injury, the patient progressed well for days or even weeks, when there arose suddenly symptoms of a perforative peritonitis, and the autopsy revealed a perforation. We now have a no longer respect ascetics, dyspeptics and pale melancholies. Blane has stated on the authority of Sir Joseph Banks: the same manner as I have prescribed the But it is not enough to state what I have found the most easy and effectual method of treating a fit of the Gout, unless at the same time I lay before you the manner by which I attempt to prevent an attack. It is different, however, with the bleaching powder made from the hydrochloric acid given off from the salt cake furnace.

Walfred Indiana congressmen will be held on Monday and Tuesday, following that were invited to attend with their registration fee paid for by the ISMA.

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