In persons inoculated against tj'phoid fever or in those who had had tj-phoid fever, the occurrence of other diseases, such as malaria, pneumonia, erysipelas, or miliary tuberculosis, was followed by increased tj'phoid agglutinin. It is quite probable, however, that the case will prove itself to be one of myelocytic leukemia. The bleeding that followed the dividing of the bands was controlled by the iron as above used.

He was identified with the Jersey City Medical Center, the Fairmount Hospital, and the Margaret in northern New Jersey. When it opens it does not remain open but immediately closes again. Local treatment may be applied through a soft BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL author recommends the compound infusion of sage applied tlirough a rectoscope, because they are so harmful to the normal intestine. The best Faradic battery is that of Gaiffe with a chloride of silver-pile, and the induced current of high tension from the long thin wire the one to be generally"The induced current penetrates the tissue profoundly by reason of its high tension, but contrary to physical laws, the continuous current of low tension, has a longer and more profound action.

In past ages the Jews have shown that they can resist adversity, but whether they can also withstand the influencis of wealth and freedom, and retain the modes of life which have heretofore given them length of days, remains to be world who may properly be called".lews," and of than one-third of these last have arrived as iniuiigrants from foreign lands within the last ten years, over ANNUAL REPORT OF THE NEW YORK STATE The State Commission in Lunacy has sent to the Legislature its second annual Report. It is the method of treatment holding first rank in their eyes, and one is most luxuriously rubbed and kneaded for all complaints, from ennui up to the direst fevers; and a part of the hospitality of the wigwam is to offer a visitor a Lumi-Lumi. The speaker is confident that whatever has been done in Germany can and wall be done here, and anywhere, whenever the importance of the subject is appreciated, and the right kind of laws are enacted and strictly enforced.

Wilson said the farm was, and now could be, conducted in a profitable and unobjectionable manner, and that he esteemed it the best known means for the disposal of sewage. The medical officers will bear favorable comparison for scholarship and general culture with those of the line, and we can imagine no www.epharmaguide.com/mobile/pk good cause why they should not be treated in every respect as the equals of the graduates of the Academy. One was so greatly relieved that he was able to resume his work as a locomotive engine driver.


In tents to ensure absolute rest and quiet. When the animal died after laboratory hours it was placed at once in the ice-chest and was autopsied The hearts were examined grossly, fixed in formalin' and sectioned in paraffin. His diet while there had contained little sugar or starch, but an abundance of meat, with a little bread and claret.

The success of nostrum vendors has demonstrated their skill in appealing to the sentiment of the public. It has seemed to me po.ssible that I coukl prove useful, at the risk of broaching topics with which you are perfectly familiar, by contrasting the present with the old view of certain disorders not yet made clear in the textbooks, including some which are not strictly neurological. Then, with regard to the pathology of the pancreas in diabetes, Dr. A good many wives are preclinical to a good many things in their husbands. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Tuberculosis, and Hk Rctatiiin to the Home Treatment. This supposition is epharmaguide.com/subscribe therefore also rejected. DaCosta says we are able to estimate the amount of air received into the lungs, but the results are not, on the whole, reliable. In this group are the cases with gangrene dependent on vascular spasm, produced by some altered condition of the blood. Upon physical examination at this early time the cervix is usually found lacerated, large, thickened, and having peculiar nodules along the edges of the everted lips. Some of these bring a smile to your face because only you know their effectiveness (or lack thereof) in your own situation. The result, in the long run, will be to fill the Navy with ignorant and shiftless men, who have not talents enough to earn a living on shore. No odor is noted on withdrawing the finger. We next made cultures with the liquid obtained on the surface of the fracture, and with liquid obtained at some distance from the immediate wound, but still in the inflamed region.