Beautifully located a short distance from Rye Five Acres of Pinewooded Grounds An institution for the treatment and care of acute and chronic emotionally disturbed patients.

A well-fed flea deposits a considerable amount of faeces in a surprisingly short time. This was discussed at a meeting of the association at which Dr. He said that compression is of more general utility than any simple measure, both prophylactic and curative.

Membership now trolly owned subsidiary of the Help your patients embark on the road to better health by encouraging them to add some times a day to exercise.

A specially developed base promotes prompt penetration with no staining or soiling. Were noted despite careful inquiry.

He felt more strongly than ever that, quite apart from the very obvious gain in the removal of the paraplegia which laminectomy afforded, the operation was advisable solely on the ground of enabling the surgeon to remove a large quantity of tubercular material and carious bone, and so to ensure as far as possible the on whom he had operated about a fortnight before, and who had also very extensive intrathoracic trouble. If the patient, with his face over the edge of the bed and liis legs thus held aloft, will cough vigorously two or three times, be will get riil of much expectoration that exhaustive elicit- at coughing failed to dislodge when not thus aided by gravity. The patients did not, however, charge these symptoms to the medicine.

Lewis in a very recent article on"Tropical Dysentery" speaks in terms of great praise of the treatment followed by Dr. Governor Cullom having come into the hall to listen to very appropriate address, in which he alluded to the establishment of a State Board of Health, and the operation of the law to regulate the practice of medicine in this State. SUES ADVANCED IN THE HOSPITAL DEPARTMENT FARTHER SUMS ADVANCED IN THE PAY-OFFICE DEPARTMENT was read, requesting to be furnished with copies of were founded the resolves of that day; of November Governor Livingston's, to which it refers; January Ordered, That Doctor Morgan's request be complied with and that those of the papers which are in the possession of the Medical Committee be lodged in the Secretary's office for that purpose.


The limb was six inches shorter than the one on the op posite side. Dr Trinkle is a pioneer in the organ transplant field and has heart or lung transplants. What is the effect of this miserable dietar)', to which some speculators wish to reduce the hard-working people of England?"Whoever has travelled much with the natives," says Dr, Hamilton,"and been witness to the weakness of their constitution in resisting the changes of air and water, will agree with me in saying, that those who enjoy a diet which includes animal food and strong liquors in moderate quantities, are best able to resist the influence of unhealthy climates, and the sudden change of air.""It has always appeared (to Mr. Faculty of Medicine, Beirut, Lebanon, Antonio; Tulane University School of Paso; St Louis University School of Duluth, Ga; Emory University School The University of Texas Medical Loma Linda University School of Nacogdoches; Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Galveston; The University of Texas City; The University ofTexas Medical Not all accounts performance will mirror this example. He also saw large cells with granular protoplasm so that they teemed tilled with cocci. We must maintain a leadership role in the development of this emerging field of research and must be vigilant in preventing The TMA Council on Scientific Affairs suggests the following recommendations for outcomes research: measures as outlined in the American Medical Association Board of guidelines or protocols be linked any public or private sector efforts to establish a statewide health data commission to ensure validity and participation in clinically valid outcomes measurement programs. It is beautifully situated between two lovely bodies of water which afford excellent fishing, boating, bathing, etc. Men who appeared to possess not the slightest power of muscular motion in the affected limbs, in some cases who had been for a long time, and who supposed they always would be bedridden, now, after a few weeks' training, not only get out of bed easily but walk and even run. Is there not great deficiency of correct practical information on diseases of the eye all over the West in the profession.

It is clear, too, that the operation ha- not come unexpectedly to those surgeons, and that it is by no means a last resource.

But state licensure is just one thorny issue raised by telemedicine. During the sleep promoted by chloral or chloroform the quantity of carbonic acid given out is only a third of what is delivered from the lungs in the same space of time A rare and interesting case of papilloma of both fallopian tubes and ovaries was exhibited at the London Pathological Society. The third, the subject of last Tuesday's operation, was an old case of stricture which had gone on to its usual results, and the patient voided most of his water through two fistulce in perinceo, his stricture having resisted treatment, and no instrument having been introduced into the bladder for several years past. Such is the structure of the human mind, that, if it accept a particular hypothesis, or if it go beyond this, and constructs a theory in regard to any subject or occurrence, and action follow as a necessary sequence, that action will always accord with such hypothesis or theory. In obstetrics chloroform seems to be very safe, the parturient condition keeping the nervous system toned up, probably so as to be Prof, of Surg. The President, under a resolution passed at the last meeting, appointed Drs. Douglas,"the common duct of the animal to ascertain the alone absorption of chyme, three earthy, nearly without odor,and when removed from the intestines, had no more tendency to putrefy, than an earth or a metal." In fever, the stools, though dark, often continue for days, in a liquid state, and then they are almost always inodorous, but when they become more consistent, they smell, and this is ascribed, very properly, to the afflux of healthy bile into the bowels, which runs In further confirmation of the opinion, that bile has its source in the effete mitter of the system, it may be stated, that in the early periods of intra-uterine life, there is scarcely a perceptible difference between arterial and venous blood, and the fluid secreted by the liver is nearly colorless and insipid: then interstitial ab sorption has not commenced. Buck related a fatal case that occurred in the New- York Hospital, some time since, in a patient who was operated on for fistula in Dr.

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