The patient finds he has trouble with his buttons or tools. Also by some other authors, Oertel and others, the occurrence of this form of paralysis after diphtheria is mentioned; nevertheless the majority of these cases cannot be reckoned as simple and complete examples of paralysis, for it is expressly mentioned that the respiration was never at any time I cannot help thinking that many of the patients suffering from diphtheria, upon whom tracheotomy is performed, are not operated upon so much on account of the diphtheria as on account of a secondary paralysis of the dilator.

Wire sutures through these have bejn reconunended, but they are very rarely required. Chronic enlargement of the spleen is very common. He would act upon the principle of division of labour and of organisation, so ably contended for in the address, and he moved that committees be formed for presiding over diff-rent departments of scientific and professional work. This is another of those cases of phosphorus poisoning in which taking the poison, and then set in rapidly. All Londoners will be pleased to realise the fact that the sewerage question at Margate has been at last settled, and that the town which, amongst sanitarians, has for many years past occupied an unenviable notoriety, will in all probability soon be restored to its legitimate position as a well-known health resort. It Imay occur as the result of a blow, strain, or the tapping of a I hydrocele, or it may arise without any assignable cause.


In South America the mosquito-bite is at times attended with severe local inflammation and sometimes with ulceration.

Even with a strict observation of them, we shall not fail to meet with severe cases, cases in which great demands are made upon our patience, our bodily endurance, and our manual dexterity. But we must not, however, conclude from this, that every diphtheritic inflammation of these mucous membranes, even when occurring endemically, is connected with synanche. Enderton a good start, and then follow him plump to attempt such a tramp. "It was always difficult for me to carry about or even conceal such golden treasures, but I have sometimes done it. In replying to the toast of" The Orator," and in proposing that of" The College of Medicine," Professor Tait broached the subject of an aiBliation scheme between the Medical School in Birmingham and the University of Durham. Now, there could be little or nothing in that boat, and, on the whole, I did not believe it contained It would not do, however, to assume anything of the kind. The term chlorosis relates to the peculiar tint the complexion blood chanws hcinjj: secondary to the neurosis.

The decolorized fuchsin solution (c) is then added in the proportion of one cubic centimeter of the mixture to each one hundred cubic centimeters of medium; then thoroughly mixed.

As opportunity offers, you may also examine whether the specimen contains any colostrum- corpuscles, or those of pus, or both together, as in mastitis. After his death she returned to Indiana and lived at Indianapolis until her death at the age of sixty-five. Very interesting also are Cohnheim's views on the origin of tumours; though the fascinating theory which he expounds has not yet reached the position of a demonstrated truth, and cannot therefore be regarded, like the bacterial explanation of tuberculosis, as an established part of science. No stone could be detected; and, as it seemed possible that the symptoms might be due to the extreme mobility of the organ, it was firmly sutured with three pieces of silk, which passed through the substance of the kidney, as well as through its peritoneal covering, and fixed it to the wall of the abdomen.

"ecessaiy for some days afterwards to IlKUXIA OK THE Utkuus (IIvsTEHOCELE) empty uterus is too far removed f on. In the majority of cases, palliative treatment is all that I can be adopted; although in exceptional instances operative I interference promises to be of service. In such a case the animal has probably been in a clover patch where in half an hour be can eat enough clover to blow himself up like a balloon! stomach will become digested in spots and patches, and warm weather will aggravate the condition. She was also a student in the Indiana University two years, spent two years in Leland Stanford, Jr., University, and afterward became principal of the high school of Peru, Indiana. He must exercise in the open air. Every one who landed (seventy-six in all) took ill with the fever, and at least sixty-six of these died.

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