Bleeding, which is still practiced, produces only temporary beneficial action in the presence of pulmonary congestion, but should be performed cautiously on account of the danger of spreading the infection. This freshening of the edges was done with narrow,short-bladed knives. Pain is not a valuable symptom as many cases go on to complete destruction of the kidney without any pain being noticed.

In Washington Park, near its northern entrance, he found a tree, twelve feet in height, loaded with the poisonous fruit, and a shrub with a trunk the size of an arm. This report is presented to this session of the House of Delegates as the plans discussed were reached by unanimous decision of the members of the committee who were One session was combined with the annual meeting of the State Medical Society in Milwaukee in present including officials of the State Medical Society, Council members, and interested members of the Society.

Of these edges, the inner one is sharp, and the outer one its superior surface is sometimes slightly depressed anterior y by the clavicle. Increase the heat gradually till the body and neck of the retort become filled with a semi-transparent milky white vapour. For this purpose till a bell-glass with water, introduce fresh-gathered green leaves under it, and place the bell, or receiver, inverted in a vessel containing the same rluid; expose the apparatus to the rays of the sun, and very pure oxygen gas will be liberated. For the long range solution of the problem more research should be conducted to elucidate the cellular basis of dependence and tolerance.

A certain numlxT of partial recoverici, have been recon'td, but others have been made worse.S(!iiitira, or sfiutic iK-uiitis, is oifon most surrcgKfully to a spread of inflammation to the nerve sheath from a luml)aKo. A greenish-gray mineral, found abundantly on the shores of the lake Como, in Lombardy, in thick beds of primitive stale, and fiishioned into culinary vessels in Greenland. Does not exempt from examination. CURRENT APPROACH TO THE SURGICAL MANAGEMENT OF EMPHYSEMA Nineteen symptomatic, deteriorating patients with severely impaired pulmonary function and space occupying emphysematous areas were operated upon, aiming to relieve compression of restricted adjacent lung. At the regular meeting of the Medical Society of Edgecombe Whereas, Since last we met, it has pleased Almighty God to remove (by death) from our midst, our worthy fellow and co-laborer, Resolved, That while we bow in humble submission to this visitation of an All wise Providence, we feel most sensibly the great loss to this association, and the community at large, of one whose future Resolved, That the members of this Society wear the usual badge Resolved, That the preamble and resolutions be spread upon the Minutes of this Society, and a copy of the same be sent to the family of the deceased, with the most profound sympathy of this body.


My fondness for volcanic scenery was amply satisfied in the neighbourhood of Naples.

No specific relationships to age or type of complications have been defined. X-ray films of these bones failed to show evidence of tumor, but left hip and pelvic pain. No peritonitis, pus, or gangrene was present.

Staff had conveyed this to the Jaycees, who accepted the alternative suggestion, and it was recommended that the Commission on Public Relations and Communications work with them on such an educational program. Although the doctor states that his reply must not be taken as an implied criticism, I do not see how it can be construed otherwise, he selecting only my name in his reply. Belonging to the Mesenteric artery. On palpating two weeks before the expected date of confinement I found the baby to be presenting as did the first one, viz., by the breech. In short, he was man strong, capable, brilliant, an all-round athlete, whose place will be difficult to fill ind nrbbM death is much regretted.

To prevent this we had the abdominal wound held apart with a pair of Parker's retractors and passed a curved needle threaded with plaited silk ligature down and into the exposed fundus of the bladder, and then turning the point upwards brought it out through the bladder and abdominal wall near the edge of the wound and tied the ligature, four sutures were put in after this manner which we deemed sufficient to hold the peritoneal surface of the bladder and the peritoneal surface of the abdomen, close enough together to prevent any escape of urine into the abdominal cavity when the bladder should be opened.

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