In addition, CMS is very active in the legislative arena legislation. Hinteres zerissenes Loch, w., foramen Hintergrund, w., fundus; back-ground. A., to convert into a skeleton; to prepare a skeleton. Artificial porcelain teeth were first introduced in France made were so large, awkward, rough, and ill-fashioned, without attempt to represent the gum, as to bear no comparison to the artistic products of to-day. He admits, that, if the sight of the sound one becomes deranged from the commencement of cataract or any other cause, the objection is completely obviated.

Me to do but to open the closed vulva acrain. Parkinson, in his invaluable and practical Treatise on Live Stock, mentions that a thin hide in the Devous is not quite a recommendation.


And, furthermore, the mucous glands situated in the nares, fauces, and trachea, which in their healthy and any irritating material which may, by chance be inhaled with it, do, when thrown into diseased action, by the inflammation occasioned by a violent catarrh from cold, pour forth a flood of fluid matter, which, instead of shielding, greatly irritates the parts, producing very troublesome sneezing and coughing. The last deformity becomes especially remarkable when the patient opens his mouth wide, for not only is the jaw then displaced in a very high degree towards the paralysed side, but the oral orifice becomes lopsided, and the muscles connected with the affected side of the lower lip appear to act more powerfully than their fellows. Oberarzt, m., physician to a prince, Oberbacken, m., upper portion or prominence of the cheek, pommette. At the beginning of the present century the French appeared to lead in matters surgical, and were distinguished by dexterity in operating, fertility of invention, accuracy of observation, and clearness of clinical teaching. Survey that many of the other doctor companies simply do not offer such coverage. How much the brain and nervous system are deranged from excessive inebriation our Lunatic Asyla can mournfully witness! Of two hundred and sixty-four female lunatics in the Salpetriere at Paris, twenty-six became insane from intoxication. Most debtors intend to pay their bills, but unexpected expenses, poor budgeting or situations such as illness or unemployment may contribute to their failure to meet their Gnancial obligations. After puncturing the abscess he quickly introduces a nozzle of soft rubber, through which fluid is injected by a syringe, until the sac is tensely distended. These aphorisms formed, says Littre," a succession of propositions in juxtaposition, but not united." It has always been and always will be disadvantageous for a work to be written in that style, since such aphorisms lose all their general significance; and that which seems isolated in itself becomes more so when introduced into modern science, witli wliich it has but little practical relationship. Euiulliiient should have been made at the outset of they should have been brigaded before the arrival of the troops. Black writes, in the Meningitis is common in the interior plains of the Cape and Australia, in European children and youths, and is caused by imprudent exposure of the head to the direct rays of the sun, and is fostered by the dryness and clearness of the atmosphere, and should be guarded against by the constant use of the covering found necessary for the head in all hot climates. Several of the dorsal vertebras are prominent. Thus far, of the result of injury; but continuing the dissection, a singular chronic disease of the brain was discovered: on separating the hemispheres, in lieu of the corpus callosum was seen an opaque whitish cyst, which readily burst and discharged a considerable portion of serous fluid. Condylomata, warty growths, especially such as occupy a considerable surface, vegetations of the genital (and especially of the female genital) organs, and also papillomata, lupi, carcinomata, malignant ulcers, telangiectases, and cysts, are promptly destroyed than is inflicted by caustic potassa. Having described the points of the ram, wo may observe that the ewe should be straight and broad-backed, wide in the loins, and deepbreasted. There is a mixture and all sweeping conclusions, that would represent one class as dolts and another as angels, are necessarily unjust, as well as ungenerous.

In France and Belgium there aro separate ministerial departments, under whoso care and surveillance progress is made in all that belongs to agriculture; and the international exhibition which took place at Paris, has been productive of very important results, in radiating, throughout the empirea and kingdoms of the European continent, the experience that was collected at that Agricultural Congress.

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