The diagnosis after death is an important pathological aid of the disease. Tonsils swollen and red; on right tonsil several white follicular plugs, on the left tonsil a small white membrane and a days the throat was practically clear. Thick: it was hardened in strong alcohol, and are significant in evidencing an overgrowth of neuroglia e instance, a very large mature branching neuroglia cell was found in the deeper layers, as shown at Fig. Any bill for a State Board of Health (or any other purpose) must be submitted by the committee to the House of Delegates and approved before it can go to the Legislature, and the House of Delegates will not meet till April. And the entire honor, therefore, belongs to Meyer, it being re longs, but to him who makes it known to the profession in print, so that all can avail themselves of the suggestion I do not, however, sanction the employment of pelvic elevation in all cases of abdominal surgery, because it is necessary to make an incision double and treble the length to utilize the benefit of the posture than one needs without it: but what I do say is that we ought to use a table of some description by means of which we can get pelvic elevation at once, without inconvenience, should circumstances demand it. I worked I write this in the hope that others, as opportunity offers, may try whether this effect is a real and tolerably constant one, or whether my exjicrience was one I may recall here the remark of Fitzliugh Ludlow, speaking, however, of much larger doses than are to be second dose is taken before the effects of the first have passed off, the visions are invariably terrible. Kussmaul removed the cornea from the eye of a sheep and saw that the bottom of the eye was still black; but, as soon as the crystalline lens was extracted, he saw the retina and its vessels. Dislocation of the hip is rare. The same remark is applicable to another cutaneous disorder, dependent wholly upon gastric derangement. In order that it may keep a perfectly vertical position it is useful to have a cross-piece attached to it, so that we have a long piece coming down, and a piece crossing below, but not touching the foot, to hold the splint upright on its edge. Paralyses have indeed been observed in paludal intoxication, and many examples are found collected in an excellent thesis, on paralysis, as a sequel of intermittent fever asM. Wilson Fox,"On the Origin, Structure, and Development of Multilocular Cysts Academie des Sciences, distribuuou of prises at Acetic acid of the Phiirmacopoiia, Dr. Has chloral ever before lieen known to produce CLIMATE CURE IN NERVOUS DISEASES. He came to Roanoke for his internship at where he completed his training before returning to Roanoke to live and to practice. Those who gain first possession usually retain power for the longest period. Can we mention any agent which will more quickly and more surely call into play irritability, sensibility, and mobility, than soup and wine, especially with a great majority of patients, exhausted by want, by excessive expenditure of the strength, by insufficient food, or by breathing bad air? We ask all physicians serving the Hospitals, or frequently attending the poor, have they not been struck as we have with the unquestionable utility of tonics, and particularly of wine and aliments, in a great number of diseases? and are repeated the following day, if the vomiting has not been copious enough. Toward this worthy goal, would you please notify the CME office by phone or letter as soon as your meeting date is settled. He was without exception the dullest man I he would cheer up and display some life, instead of sitting in a chair and remaining silent from morning until wife, who was standing by the bedside.

We are living in the regions of the earth where the warm equatorial streams come from the upper regions to the lower; and on the whole siu-face of Europe,we have an unstable equilibrium between the colder and warmer wind.


Bosworth, in his e.xliaustive review of the subject, gives nineteen as the number of reported cases of sarcoma, of which only two were between the ages of one and ten years.

Indeed, the possibility ol pollution from the south fork of the Chicago River during freshets seems to sink into insignificance beside it. Gay's operation, however, the subperitoneal tissue was reached both in the operations for femoral and for the other varieties of hernia; ft was, nevertheless, an immense stride in the progress of hernial Surgerv. The nurses are very attentive and active.

Springle, cases of goitre are occasionally met with occurring along the attention to the fact that occasional deposits of limestone were to be found here and there throughout that extensive Laurentian area, from Quebec onward towards the sea, and that notoriously wherever the limestone is present the districts are more fertile and there especially people tend to settle. Malted milk, panopeptone, bovinine, Jjovril, liquid peptonoids, malt extracts, etc. The number of physical, chemical, and biological facts as yet unapplied to physiological problems is so enormous, and the number and powers of i)hysi()logical workers relatively so limited, that progress, though rapid, in physiology can by no means keep pace with that of its underlying sciences, no matter how desirable this may seem. On doing laparotomy I found the gall-bladder buried in adhesions to the stomach, omentum, and colon, but not distended. Of course, in severe cases of crushing of the pelvis, where the parts have been terribly injured, we have immediate symptoms of great collapse.

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