He says he frequently called set, and I all life and spirits. Such is the general opinion of dermatologists, and this point may be considered closed, for they can be demonstrated lying free in the capillaries.

Marked parenchymatous degeneration of the secreting cells; very few bacteria could be seen, mostly in shadows beneath the basement membrane of the contorted tubules. Smith said that in the case he had shown he suspected the presence of an endophlebitis. One of these, a lady forty-eight years old, suffered from an attack of acute mania occurring in a Japanese hotel in the interior of Japan, where the sounds from the other inmates drove the patient frantic. Leonard Ellenbogen (Atlantic City); I propose the following resolution, Mr.

Nevius places himself squarely in the pro-antibiotic school and spells out so important is this prohlem in our day-today work.

The problem is in some respects a simpler one as regards the lymphatic glands than as regards the spleen. Gardner Somerville Secretary, Marcus H. Feeding of cows, strict laboratory productioncontrol, pasteurization on the farm, and speedy unchanging potency and purity for uniform action and clinical efficacy. He tried to ascertain where the sugar was destroyed by giving it to animals in their food, and testing for it in the blood at various points in the circulation from the intestines onwards through the body. Death occurs in fifteen to sixty days or the patient may survive to develop diffuse fibrosis or post JURAT I ON DAYS WEEKS MONTHS YEARS vive over long periods usually have progressive inflammation and fibrosis. Others cannot bear to have certain animals, flowers or vegetables brought near them. Certain it is that he was a man of indomitable industry and of powerful intellect, who possessed an absolutely original method in his work, and as for Hunter's relation to the authorities of the day we may say that he acknowledged no authority, he was absolutely unfettered by authority, and thus his genius had free play. The reason the vagina more than the conjunctiva suffers is that the reviews the literature of this affection and gives histories of three personal cases. But this history cannot be relied upon entirely, for many cases of chronic ulcer run a latent course like those described above, and give no sign until pyloric stenosis develops. The most important diagnostic indication is the association of paralysis of the muscles of respiration, for massive collapse apparently never takes place in its absence. "Those who see scarlet fever by the thousand," says a recent writer,"are well aware that any reduction in case mortality that can be hoped for by improved methods of treatment will be too slight to be shown conclusively by working with death rates." It may be confidently stated that, as long as the amount of sickness remains a matter of guesswork founded on statistics of disease in hospitals, or among special classes of the population, or on such indirect information as death returns, no satisfactory knowledge of the economic relations of disease can be had, and no battle with calculable results can hj Purposes and Objects of Morbidity Statistics.

All these contractions take place in rapid succession, and for a time the convulsion seems tonic in character; but soon the arms jerk violently, the head is moved rapidly upon the neck, the jaws open and close with great force, a deathly pallor or lividity overspreads the face, froth more or less deeply tinged with blood oozes from the violet lips, the woman begins to take full and stertorous inspirations, and the seizure passes oflf. Professor Turner, of Edinburgh, saw an excellent illustration of cystiform dilatation of the pancreas from obstruction of the duct, in the body of a man who died with cancer of the head of the viscus. We can divide the surgery of the kidney into two periods.


Milton Ackerman, Chairman of the Blood Procurement believe that the aims of this administration as outlined in the first paragraph were largely THE JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY prominent speakers.

Pepsine may be useful where there is derangement of the digestion, but it has little effect upon the progress of the disease. The evidence unfortunately was scant and is so still, but three years later the verdict is the same. You might write to the author for a reprint if you can find his address. Zenith purchasers also have the and Five-Year Service Plan. Moreover, Beck needs no champion to advocate his cause. These nerves are indicated by the dotted line which the vagus; c, passage of the hepatic vaso-motor nerves from the cord along the vertebral artery; d, fibres going on each side of the subclavian artery, and forming the annulus of Vieussens; e, first dorsal the spinal cord; h, splanchnic nerves; i, coeliac ganglion, from which vaso-motor fibres pass to the fibres of the vagus are seen to be distributed; I, the liver; m, the intestine; n, the arch of the aorta. Tension is lowered and tendency to sleep induced.

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