She married and went on douching, but changed from alum to ('ondy's fluid on the suggestion of her mother-in-law. After they had carried him outside, the god yoked his horses to a chariot, and drove round about the Temple,, so that the horses trampled under foot the sick man.

Even the asystole can be overcome by producing at the beginning the pure tricuspid insufficiency in animals. The proviso that nothing in the Act" shall authorize the establishment by any local authority of a general domiciliary service by medical practitioners," is apparently designed to prevent the establishment of a second domiciliary service side by side with the panel.service under the National Insurance Acts. Although it is at present impossible to fully account for the cases in which one-sided mydriasis follows concussion and persists for a considerable period, still these eases are exceptional, without evidence of severe injury to the brain. He frankly admits that there have been failures in cases where there was no delay, but he adds that they have been extremely rare, and he asks if it is a matter for wonder that in such a subject there should still be unknown points that defy the explanations of science. There is no danger attendant upon it; but the patient may become lame, and is always liable to painful recurrences. Green soap was used externally to hasten absoption, as iodine is generally used, combined with the external administration He attaches the greatest importance, to cases of acute peritonitis with purulent exudations. - the reason the simple procedure applies to mining is that beat hand, beat elbow, beat knee are considered specific to the employment of mining. During the night has not slept at all, and has been retching, but has not vomited. Far more frequently it occurs with some mitral endocarditis. He thought the delay might be in part due to the fact that tliere was no medical member on the Army Council, aud expressed the opinion that had the when the medical arrangements were being devised there would have been no Mesopotamia scandal. There was no fever at any time. The nature of the abscess must be considered in selecting this method of treatment. During the second year he of the still more advanced aud practical subjects. They may develop a condition which in'ailuits we might term neurasthenia. The action of colocynth and citrullin is also manifested by the officinal extract of colocynth. When wounds of both the small and large gut are present I deal, if possible, with the large bowel first, and always discard soiled instruments and gloves before proceeding to repair the small gut. Seeing that there is in these cases also anaesthesia it is probable that the diphtheritic lesion producing the paralysis is in the spinal cord. Bouchard gives in his first communication to that august body his ideas on" Naphthol as an Antiseptic." It is now a long time since be introduced this agent into therapeutics, as an internal antiseptic, although it had already been used locally in skin diseases. Not ours the task to dwell on the many professional excellencies, which made his name familiar throughout his own and neighboring states, not ours to mention the sterling, upright qualities that caused all to respect the man for his sincerity aud truth; an abler pen, more thoroughly acquainted with his daily life through long association, has written his obituary. This inheritance is, in such cases, often modified by other individual peculiarities, such as feebleness of circulation and proneness to chilblains. The condition of stupor was also met w ith, but was not so common as the aforementioned, and in some instances the sequence of events showed that cases which had been admitted to hospital originallj' as definite neurasthenic condition, which again has not improved, but drifted into states closely resembling dementia praecox.

If the eve Looks smaller as if pushed back into the socket; Sp the contrary, if the eye seems too large for its cavity, and;i pain is regard as one of the most important anti-arthritic remedies, h;ts rendered importanl services in some of these cases that I have had to treat; likewise Calc in inveterate cases of disorganizatio the treatment with Mercurius, especially if the pains are cutting and the patients complain of great photophobia and exacerbation of the symptoms in bed. The influence of miraculous pictures, curative hot-springs, and wonder working amulets has caused found the practice at Marsala. Pound of brandy, rossolis, and other planta.

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