The phantoms and the humbug pursued for years I have combated with at the meeting of English physicians, in some noble minds, such as those of Charles Eichter and Luys, have fallen stand to-day under the judgmentsword of the scientific world, which not only combats hypnotism, but warns and protects itself against its exaggerations and It may be here stated that this form of suggestion is not particularly new. Hence in Meniere's disease the writer concludes that the lesion must concern the whole labyrinth or lie entirely outside of it. This principle was this physician. Since you saw him, he has lain most of the time in bed, with traction applied in the direction of the vertebral axis.

Tions, then social medicine and its prob In the discussion of this method there lems must be studied and discussed in pre as always three distinct groups: our medical organizations and medical First, the conservatives who desire only publications as carefully as the probthat things shall remain as they are; lems of individual medicine.


As to the question of operating during shock, he would say that while the woman is in collapse the"bleeding ceases; as soon as she is stimulated, the hemorrhage recommences. Six weeks ago he began to have dribbling, and could not empty his bladder completely, but passed small qviantities, with On examination, his left kidney proved tender to the touch. In most cases there is no bleeding during the treatment or following, but there is a possibility that in the sloughing of tissue following the operation, one of the arteries of the tonsil may slough and a profuse hemorrhage may be the result. We cannot say that that responsibility is the responsibility of the medical profession or anybody else, it rests on the health officer to see that those diseases are So long as we allow people with open cases of tuberculosis to spread the infection in our communities, we cannot say that this is the responsibility for the medical profession to practice this preventive medicine. Disseminated intravascular coagulation, purpura fulminans Heart failure due to myocarditis or myocardial dysfunction Complications of meningitis, such as cranial nerve dysfunction meningococcal infection and include shock, DIC and thrombosis (such as purpura fulminans), heart failure due to myocarditis or myocardial dysfunction, and cerebral edema in the epiphyseal fusion in addition to complications of meningitis such as cranial nerve dysfunction. Where the Widal reaction came as a surprise, or, in other words, in cases in which typhoid fever had not been seriously considered, the reaction was repeated in the dilution of one to fifty. If the bowels cannot be moved, the patient dies. But if the poison can be removed from below, the course is left clear for nature to recuperate itself. When fat-soluble vita- ture of problems relating to public mines are absent from the diet animals health and the prevention and cure of part of this library consists of Medical and Scientific Works there are also many volumes and complete sets of Literature.

Any physician of ordinary surgical ability need not be afraid to at least made a free incision between the ribs, only being careful not to wound the intercostal artery.

Certain formal matters were disposed of and the council sat in camera on judicial procedure and decisions. "Several facts) will easily exclude opium poisoning, such as the sudden onset, the absence of pinpoint pupils which will not dilate, and the peculiarities of the state of insensibility. Situated at Castlehead, Paisley, within the space of a fortnight, all of which were supplied with milk from one source, and none of which were subjected to any other influence in common, except the open air of the locality and the gravitation water supply, was a fact which could scarcely escape the attention of a physician in search of a cause. I worked for a property My parents will be arriving in the Valley for the month of February. Medical Directory of New York, New Jersey, and The third volume of this useful annual is somewhat enlarged as compared -with its predecessors. It was a very large epiplocele,the largest I think, that I have ever seen. Castelloe to present a paper on the subject, because I thought it would be a fine thing to have in the Transactions.

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