If possible, one should select pets that can be kept for In those animals in which the beauty and interest lie largely in the coat, extra care and precaution must be taken to keep it in prime condition. In all the South American countries, with the exception of Chili and Venezuela, men outnumber the women, and this is particularly the case in Brazil and the Argentine Republic.

These cases require drainage of the peritoneal cavity for the purpose of relieving tension (pressure) and absorption, but they do not need sponging and irrigating or extended search for all the pus. Here, forty-eight hours before death and one day after a tetanus antitoxine injection, a lumbar puncture was made and some cerebro-spinal fluid withdrawn. What happens in the formation of abscess is this: First, there is an inflammation of the adhesive kind in the cellular tissue, with which the different cells of the cellular mem brane become filled. The origin of the rhythm is driven down to the atrial node or the A-V node.


The meatus opening presents two is lined with pavement epithelium extending back into The appearance of the meatus is often an index of as to the condition within the urethral canal, just as the tongue tells us of the disturbance of the digestive elongated prepuce, indicates senile hypertrophy of the I have endeavored to describe only two surgical conditions relating to the" distal inch," time on such an occasion as this being too limited to consider other material of the great eliminating organs of the body as well as those germs of life which fit man for consummating the sacred injunction to'" multiply, increase, and replenish the earth," and in this way to bear humanity onward toward eternity and immortality. The life of the student of medicine is, I take it, much like the life of the student in other branches of education; he may work much, or shirk much, as the trend of his mind goes: and yet while the there is a difference.

TREATMENT OF THE INDIVIDUAL CASE IN PROFESSOR OF SURGERY. Benedict, to assume the legal defense, after a member's compliance with suitable conditions, of such actions for malpractice as may be brought against him, or, if defense seems unwise, to effect a compromise, but not without the member's consent.

This hypo may perfectly simulate aleukemic lymphatic leukemia.

One case with a low systolic blood i I failed to Janewav and Park"" Studied the effect of epinephrin on excised arterial strips. It is onlv when this early attention is neglected, and the wound has closed by inflammatory effusions, that the removal is painful and difficult, requiring, in some instances, the use of the knife to enlarge The dilatation of gunshot wounds, which was formerly the constant rule of practice, is now altogether rejected from military surgery, unless it be for the special purpose of ligating a bleeding artery, or extracting a foreign body which, from changes in the wound, cannot be readily extracted without injury to the soft parts. Mucous membrane of the lips; a few were present on the right shoulder and there were two raised pinkish lesions on the right cheek. The Choice of Routes, Abdominal or Vaginal, in Intrapelvic Surgery Dr.

When chloroform cannot be obtained, I would suggest this mode of blunting sensibility, immediately before operations are performed or pain ful and tedious dressings are made. If the amputation be necessary at the same point three or four days after an injury to the main vessel has been received, the number is greatly increased: as many as twenty-eight arteries have been ligated by Langenbeck after amputating a thigh under Should active hemorrhage continue and show no disposition to cease, the wound should be dilated, the bleeding mouths of the artery found, safe one, taking its place among the aphorisms of surgery. It has been proven also that if a bundle of soft iron wire be wrapped and insulated, and a coil of insulated wire be wound around this core, then a current of electricity passed through this coil, which is called the primary, at once the core becomes magnetised, is endowed with polarity and is, therefore, an It was upon this principle that the ordinary induction apparatus, or faradic coil was constructed. He then proceeded with illustrations and the exhil)ition of instruments to describe his own operation. When the natural dimensions of the cavity are not sufficiently extensive to accommodate it, it forces the mediastinum over to the sound side, interfering with the action of the healthy lung, whilst an encroachment may be equally made upon the When the surgeon has recognized such collections as rapidly forming in the chest after gunshot wounds, accompanied by distressing symptoms of dyspnoea, an early evacuation will be required. More recently it has been asserted that sudden voltaic alternatives, flashed with inconceivable rapidity through a cancerous growth, under a pressure as high as six hundred milliamperes, would extinguish tlie low vitality of the cancer cells. Liver presented many hard nodules on its surface and in the substance. He death was preceded by coma, which gradually developed in the course of forty-eight hours.

The dentist and the physician do not know enough of each other's work.

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