Copper restored sensation; and the punctures previously made camphor, the chorea and anaesthesia had disappeared, and the patient was enabled to resume her ordinary vocation, that of a milliner.

Chloroform was given as the anesthetic, and just as I was removing the sixth growth the patient's face became purple, his respiration was bad, and I was considerably worried about his condition.

It is true large amounts of alcohol do paralyze, but so do large amounts of opium, of digitalis, of aconite, and of many other powerful drugs. Theoretically, therefore, it would be possible that a lesion involving both the corpora quadrigemina and the posterior portion of the internal capsule would produce blindness of one eye and hemiopia in the opposite eye, in conjunction with the other phenomena of hemianesthesia of special and general sensation. She states that last sninmor she derived no benefit from a tliree months' visit to the eountry, siiiee her dread of lijjht compelled her to spend the time in a darkened room, and from this cause she has never been al)le to secure any rest for her eyes by retjardinu: distant ol)jects only in the open air.

Veil your own views and confine your ministrations to the worldly welfare of patients, and never obtrude anything in religious matters that involves a creed antagonistic to that of the sufferer, and never belittle anything theological that your patients earnestly and honestly believe. It was initiated by medical men and by them it was carried into accomplishment. The attendance on Lectures on Medicine and Surgery must not commence earlier than the second winter session; and the attendance on Lectures on Clinical Medicine and Clinical Surgery must not commence until after the first winter session (for members, not until the second summer session). The technique of the preparation of an antitoxin is of as much consequence as the establishment of its value; for only recently the tetanus bacillus was incorporated with the diphtheria antitoxin, and an alarming condition prevailed, diphtheritic convalescence with tetanic infection. It is highly probably that creatin is a hypnotic; but we must await other experiments before this first inference can be fairly criticised.

Both Sir Astley Cooper and Mr. The value of turpentine in cancer of the uterus seemed to be mainly due to its action d in diminishing the blood-supply. She should be made to understand the complications of both pregnancy and labor, and should be taught how to care for her patients during the pre-natal period and to recognize the complications common to that period.

Medical police, and Veterinary Surgery, and the cliniques of the University as dressers, and they are also expected to study specialties, such as the diseases of children, ophthalmic Surgery, syphilis, etc. This error is due to the fact that people think that the fingers and toes are moved by the bones instead of the muscles. The chapter devoted to diseases of the viscera is alone The American Practitioner and News. That extensive alterations and reforms arc needed in it will not be doubted, after a perusal of the following epitomised history of a tragedy which occurred within its walls Burmese reported quiet, one of whom had been fifteen days under observation, and the other eight days.

In other articulating surfaces the cartilage was pale, or of a yellow tint, velvety to the feel and evidently containing fat. Briddon, of this city, recalls to memory (having taken no notes) two cases of tertiary syphilitic disease of the bursa patellie, one in a man and one in a woman, in both of which the integument was involved in a syphilitic ulcer communicating with the bursa.


If they are examined at a late period after the occurrence of the accident, worn away by friction in the motion of the limb between the two ends of the broken bone; at all events the head of the bone, which remains in the cotyloid cavity, is nearly in contact with the trochanter major. Indeed, one of the as yet unsettled problems of great importance in syphilology is that relating to its periods, classification, and One of the main facts which militate against the old division is that which has been so prominently brought forward of late years, namely, that there are many lesions and affections which were formerly looked upon as belonging to the tertiary period, which are very frequently observed to assume a precocious development, appearing more or less early in the secondary period. For practical purposes, however, Hutchinson's idea of the disk of polished steel, with holes punched in it, or the simple narrow white card, having marked on it a series of black dots, measuring from one to nine millimetres, is sufficient.

Venables think that his strictures on this unfortunate case, at a time when it can serve no ostensible good, can in any way gratify the unfortunate families The present No. The public must not be discouraged by a few, or even by many failures. Of course, you have a perfect right to relinquish attendance on any one when you find your interest, reputation, self-respect, limit of endurance, or other valid reason requires it.

Nothing is more frequent than partial pneumonia in young subjects, when any lesion compels them to remain on their backs: this effect more especially takes place when the disease tends to' exhaust them by diminishing the action of solids. He repeated Ins persuasion that the reputation of Edinburgh would be thus maintained, and eulogized the judgment" While we thus feel justly proud of the school to which we belong, let us not forget our own debt of gratitude to of upright and honourable conduct among ourselves. Must pass the Previous Medical Examination and the Bachelor of Medicine Examination.