Vi.NEBERG suggested that the calculi might have been removed through the vagina under cocaine. A horse whose leg was badly broken was sentenced to be shot, but during the two hours which intervened between the sentence and the execution the animal limped about to graze, dragging the fractured limb dangling behind it in a way which would have caused a human being exquisite agony. Some of the family had typhus fever also, and it could be distinctly traced to malaria as its origin. It has been stated that up to the present no less than which had been getting scarcer during the decline of the epidemic, and was not found in the autumn, has recently As regards the -preparation of antiserums, specimens of the first four types of meningococcus are in the hands of Wcllcome's Laboratory, Brockwell Hall. In the appendix are offered suggestions for preserving the genealogy of bacterial cultures and for making photograph'c records of growth.


The Joint encroarli - tlieoretical except in which they Jiad recently establislied witli Panel Committees issued a circular to those Committees in which the nature of the proUem and of its possible solutions was analytically examined. At the commencement of activities, pressed along by the fear of shortage in man-power, many thousands of men were assigned to service which they were unable to perform, so that development battalions became cluttered with much material which later had to be discharged The belief that any man who had been able to perform a certain class of work in civil life could therefore render equivalent service in the army was shown to be based iipon a misconception. Sometimes the joint is remarkably twisted at The most common form of sequela is chronic rheumatism, which is generally then more obstinate. As animals do not have typhoid fever the author can only claim that they can prevent or cure a form of septicaemia in animals produced by the typhoid of typhoid in man, but without apparent results.

--ivi nn sickness, the burden of which on insurance principles should be borne by the country as a whole aiid not by the particular ArHANGEMENTS for DlSTBISnTION AMONG INSURANCE ArEAS OF TUB Amount available for the Cost of Drugs. A trifling surgical operation, which will not be considered worth mentioning by one individual, will, to another, be apparently the source of most acute suffering.

Bird, apparently, did not pursue his observations further than this original contribution and it remained for them to be rediscovered thirty-seven years later by von den Velden, who focused the attention of the medical world on this really important discovery. IMcrcury is exhibited quite at random; and for every so-called disorder of the liver, dyspepsia, disorder of the digestive organs, indigestion, grain doses every night. The amount of the endowment, the location, and other details will be announced missionarj' in Japan, celebrated his ninety-fourth -Vew Jersey.

In this ease it is as though a great deal'if energy was accumulated and natural means of defense were not developed. At the same time, when changes take place in the sight or in the hearing, you must investigate the local condition of the eye or of the ear, to see if there be any thing local to account for the disturbance of the functions of these organs; and if there be no such local condition, then the disturbance is referrible to the When the Brain is aflPected another change may take place in acute than natural, or more dull than natural.

I have already said that a few years ago I considered empyema of the frontal sinus so rare that we were unable to give any satisfactory rules for its diagnosis; apart, of course, from those cases where complete retention of secretion led to external swelling and pain: but more extended observation has convinced me that many cases which I used to consider as ethmoidal suppuration are actually due to mischief in the frontal sinus. These annoyances disappeared after a week, to recur within a week. The institution which is designed for the use of all classes of the growing American colony, as well as for tourists, will be formally opened in May, and will fill a long felt want, because of the formalities which must be complied with before Americans can gain admission to the French hospitals. The very amiable Director, Dr. The beneficent changes in the treatment of insanity effected by the earlier labors of Pinel and Esquirol have been admirably carried on Many other and not inconsiderable improvements in medical science and art had taken place in our first half century, as may be seen in Cuvier's Report on the Progress of Natural Sciences. After the causes of the malnutrition have been round by means of these physical, mental, and social examinations, it remains to secure BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL the cooperation of the child, physician, teacher, and parent to remove them and give to the child the treatment suited to h'is needs. Says that the symptoms of the two great neuroses, study of these disorders proves that true organic pelvic disease plays but an insignificant part in their development.

She took a most affectionate leave of her husband, and gave him all the consolation she could; and thanked me and another physician for our attention. Davis states"that the majority of these people were route salesmen whose duties took them in all kinds of homes during this epi BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL demic.

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