What is this materia medica? Wherein does it differ from the materia medica of the United States Pharmacopoeia? Materia medica, wherever found, is the science of drugs, their natures, sources' and preparation. His parents died of old age; he has had ten brothers and sisters, all of whom are living and in good health. Quelles sont les sources des hemorrhagies dans les plaies de la region soushyoidienne? quels en sont les symptdmes et Guide pratique et methodique de l'etu diant en medecine ou conseils aux eleves sur la direction qu'ils doivent donner a leurs etudes, suivi des reglements universitaires affections blennorrbagiques, le chancre et Langley (J. Quency of rain-fall as dependent on her age. It is certainly unrivalled in the amount and variety of its materials. Tlio Kockwood Tul)orciilosis Sanitariinn'I'his paper is intended to be a preliminary report on the use of tubercidin in the treatment of open or surface forms of tuberculosis, and is a report of ten cases treated by applying tuberculin direct to the parts involved. In a few of these cases, a unilateral flat foot, or pronated foot, or a greater degree of deformity in one foot than the other, has shown the curve expected in the spine, for the reason that a pronated or flat foot causes what amounts to a shortening of the leg on that side, and in turn a lateral tilting of the pelvis with its any other remedy, and I shall therefore briefly dispose of the other Whatever may be the cause of the foot or knee strain, it is obvious that cause must be removed if possible.

The infection originating the pancreatitis probably bore some relation to the long-existing chronic glandular gastritis, which itself was presumably due to the continued passing of pus organisms from the mouth into the vulnerable stomach.

We have given the chemical composition of phosphorous and phosphoric acid; we need but repeat that phosphoric acid is but the ordinary vitreous phosphorus united with five, equivalents of oxygen. Even if not structurally damaged, liver cells long accustomed to the passage of bile into the lymphatics do not readily assume normal function, and despite the removal of obstruction and free passage made for the bile, bile still, for a more or less lengthy period, finds its way into the circulation.

Da Costa to the Biological Department of Columbia University, which had been endowed by his brother, the late Charles M. To what extent the typhoid fever has formerly existed in the southern counties of this State, in the malarial districts, is in a great degree problematical. In the bladder of one was a small quantity of urine, which became almost solid upon application of heat. Kern; Dean Emerson, of the House of Delegates in the German House, Discussion opened by D. Later she was unable, because of increasing feebleness, even to get out of bed, and periods of confusion were more frequent. Covers twenty pages devoted to the microscope and its use in materia medica. Apparatus for the artificial Gorsse (Jean Baptiste). The inland quarantine serves to prevent an epidemic from extending from one locality or district to another. This has been attributed to tlie anatomic fact that in the former there are few lymph-nodes intervening between the point of infection and the blood-stream. The condition of the opposite kidney and the general state of the patient should be considered in choosing between the two operations. Page, presented a young woman before this society and gave a practical demonstration of induced nystagmus, by irrigating the ear with cold water: drughelp.org.nz. This alternative metabolism is considered inferior to the usual plan, owing to a certain slight waste of potential energy. Do sterilitate Kohl (Friedvich Emil). They are the result of retention and cystitis, which are caused of these men have bad kidneys when they first consult a doctor. However unjustly aroused the suspicion, the medical profession in a matter of so much moment is obliged to meet it, and exhibit an acquaintance with the grounds of confidence in one kind of virus more than any other.

The lower legs are markedly swollen, of the nature of an elephantiasis. Zur vergleicbendeu Huefher (G.) Betracbtungen iiber die Wirkungsweise der ungeformten Fermente als theoretische Einleitung in die Lebre von der Verdauung. This view would appear to us to be reasonable, by analogy with smallpox or vaccinia, which, though it may not give perfect immunity, generally grants an amelioration in the symptoms of the disease, should the subject undergo a subsequent attack of smallpox.

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