The prognosis is grave for the gland itself, but is rarely by finding the.streptococcus in pure culture. In general, functional disturbances are unreliable signs; but when they occur in a case where positive indications for operative interference exist, they should impel us to make haste. In the latter, accumulations of clotted blood may be found; the lymph glands are swollen and blood-shot; the parenchymatous organs congested, the spleen little if at all swollen. Of course, the above In addition to the fattening diet mentioned above, plenty of water should be ingested. This drug is also recommended as an intraperitoneal injection (Bv) which decreases the absorbing power of the peritoneum. The experiments were all interesting, none seemed hannful, and many were gratifying as to results obtained. It is not how to treat the tuberculosis, because that is carried out along estabHshed hues, in or tuberculosis on pregnancy. The patient has three children, all of whom are well,, and his wife has not had any miscarriages. This is based on the definite conception that an increase of circulating cholesterol plays a part in gall-stone formation, and also on the fact that an increase in circulating cholesterol may be exogenously due to a diet rich in these substances. Individual patients are left with a profound anemia which may lead to death in a few months.

Again, if the obstruction is also on the concave side of the septum, or if it is alternating, there can be no question of the septum being at In conclusion, I would say that the septum should be left alone, unless there is a distinct indication for interference. Of course, this list easily could be extended. Became violent and vowed to kill himself or others who might try to restrain him. The homeward trip may be made in several directions, to taste, the Lamport and Holt Steamship Company having made arrangements with other connecting lines to this end. The character of the tremor was not at all unusual, as he could recall perhaps half a dozen cases where it was unilateral, being confined to one hand for many months. It does not seem absolutely sure to me that sudorific treatments favor the formation of inxmia, as is asserted by Professor von Leube and others. UP TO this time we have considered only the treatment of acute diseases. This the editor of Clinical Medicine has had opportunity to learn, in part from his own experience.


The therapeutics of spina bifida are difficult and rarely crowned with success. This is probably the explanation of the cholesteatoma and foul odor which we found presertt in the antrum of this patient. The disease had practically disappeared in three months.

The tissues on each side were, of When I first saw the patient the ankle-joint was swollen to an immense size, from hemorrhage into the synovial sac and tissues. On the continent, especially in Germany and Austria, a public medical officer or officers act as experts and decide these questions for the courts.

The same general medical treatment was pushed in all of my cases, but I noticed a marked difference for the better m the patients vaccinated as above mentioned. This is a welcome and powerful ally in our attempts to hold the foot in a favorable relation virh the weight of the iMxiy though its chief uae were to reduce varus, which walking on the outer border of the foot Htrictly apeaktng, such eaaea ahould never occur. On examining the heart I could not be sure whether the murmur finger I found a small red tender lesion that I considered to belong in the group of cutaneous lesions characteristic of the endocarditic cases.

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