The symptoms, pain at the head, com plete pais)' of the right arm, imperfect palsy of the right leg; his utterance very indistinct, and on attempting to speak the tongue was seen drawn to the right side, the mouth to the left; the pupils sluggish, the left eye white; bowels regular; mental powers apparently unimpaired. " Deinde interpositis duabus horis, in solium is aquae calidse resupinus in the operation performed by this Hakeem Calculus is by no means so rare in India, as, on the authority of Dr.

Has he renal disease? When he was admitted the urine was found to be amber-colored, turbid, and acid thirty per cent, of albumen, and he passed ninety which is certainly unusual with such a large quantity of urine. The listing rotation is best accomplished in flexion. In any case, they do not seek to allay it by genuine remedies, for they consider it imreasonable; see no necessity for better titles, simple or compound; and, instead of giving increased status or authority, suggest rather that medical officers should bo modest command which at present they exercise over their immediate hospital establishments! This extraordinary proposal, worthy of the dark era preceding Sidney Herbert's Commission, would, of course, be fatal to efficiency, and is directly contrary to all advances in military organisation during the past thirty years; yet it unmistakably shows the persistent reactionary spirit still at war with medical organisation. He muat make sndi a diagnosis of dw symptoms of the ailment to determine what the ailment is. Such accident might imperil the life of a patient, already somewhat exhausted. Alas, tliu trouhle is, they are not able to digest so much as they need. These drugs produce sleep by dulling the perceptions, and are used quite extensively w-ith success: but tolerance is soon established and the chlorine ion found in chloral hydrate and m some of its congeners contraindicates their use in europe cardiac diseases. On the whole, they are considerately treated, and regarded as special objects of auctions benevolence, while, as infirm or sick, their dietary, which is discretionary with the physicians, is above that given to the ordinary workhouse inmate. It consisted of three flattened tumors, which had run into one another, and were advancing towards ulceration, one or two points near the surface having become fourteen months ago. It is improbable that the patient will be able, in a case of this kind, to rise in a few days after the injury, as in fracture within the capsule, where, besides, the object wished is formation of a new joint, while in this it is especially sought to be avoided. There may be no discomfort experienced by the patient, and attention is called to the condition solely by the presence of a slight, bloody discharge.

Wood, especially fir, is obviously unfitted for entering into the construction of such partition walls. The glassdoor subject is one of deep scientific interest. The dosage of' phosphoric acid, for example, is given very baldly; while that of chlorine is very incomplete, as the only process referred to is Mohr's, by means of a standard silver nitrate solution, which may serve very well when the chlorides are abundant, but proves most unsatisfactory when they are in small amount, as in fevers. For six days before coming under observation, he had noticed isolated red spots on various parts of the body, soon becoming bluish and increasing in number. The immunisation is complete in a few minnles, so that injection then of a large amount does not have the action tint it wonM have bad if the preliminary action from a preliminary small dose of colloidal metals.

A blue color does not, however, necessarily prove the presence of blood. Are in more or less constant use.

What clinician holds this same view as to the fever in question! None that I Hnd. Minor operating rooms of both classes of invalid transport The majority of the cases in the hospitals in this district are medical rather than sargical, the proportion being about are trench fever, ivvrc.xia iui unknown origin), pnmtmi -Ma. In the course of the following two weeks the entire body, except the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, became covered with small, red, scaly papules, which rapidly enlarged at their border, the eruption being more profuse, on the outer aspect of the arms, thigh, and back and front of the trunk. In any surgical interference it is necessary to appreciate the association of the faulty muscle with the orbital capsule and with its associated prolongations, and also the conditions of the antagonist muscles. Briefly, the cause should be carefully sought and removed where possible. In of Prevention in some of its Social and Sanitary Aspects." He first glanced at the long roll of diseased conditions and premature nervous ailments, hereditary criminality, hereditary intemperance, hereditary vagrancy.

The sharp eyes of intelligent pupils have also an admirable effect on the way in which the medical establishment as Bethlem Hospital in these noble institutions all that the have them, and, supported by the Treasurer, has long shewn that he had an open ear for every thing in the shape of improvement which experience could suggest.

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