Emetics; strong solution of tannin; stimulants and demulcents. My accepted belief at that time was that one or two injections of salvarsan were not curative, although reports upon its rapid and beneficial action were numerous and authentic. No substandard or special class cases are included in these figures and groups, but only those accepted on some of the regular plans of Ordinary policies issued by the The period of time covered by this study is practically ten years. Will you be prepared? Excitement, hurry, and improper handling complicate injuries. Ruptured, transfusion in treatment Ginsburg, Morris. The strap is made mostly of untanned leather, is hard and unyielding, and cuts in easily. Ottomar Bayer, of Leipzig, has repeated Reitz's experiments on rabbits for producing croup by injecting caustic ammonia into the showing that the inflammation produced by the latter was really a more or less high graded catarrhal one, which result his own very numerous experiments also gave. The Board doubts that this inhibition should now be revoked, and, therefore, recommends that the resolution be not Dr. ; Medical Society of the County of Jamestown Medical Society; Rome, N. No scrubbing is done; the surface being merely swabbed with the full strength solution, while sterile sheets surround the patient. Two cases of probable typhus were also visited at the Serbian military hospital at Ralja. The salt of Glaser, or the Sulphas Potassas. It exists independent of the jerking of the muscles. Ordinarily, common continued fever means typhoid fever, nothing more or less.

Daily existence seems one negation after another. Herz moved that the nominations be closed and a unanimous ballot cast for Dr.

Calcis, applied and injected all around snake-bite, followed by large BLACK WATER FEVER.

Even previous experience is not a reliable guide, for unless successive lots are uniform it signifies nothing.' The label is a printed guaranty of quality, the value of which depends entirely upon the good name of the house whose signature it bears. McKeon at the Marine Hospital, San Francisco, Cal., and directed to proceed to Fort Stanton, New Mexico, and report to the medical oflicer in charge for duty and Acting Assistant Surgeon. Tickets for the course, each five dollars to all but Fellows of the College. An acid obtained by distillation from wood. But how does tbe throat bear the contact of the mirror? Does not its introduction excite retching and cough and dyspnoea, and other unpleasant sensations f These questions are often asked by those who have had no experience of laryngoscopy; but those who have experience are unanimous in declaring that, in the great majority of cases, none of these unpleasant results attend the introduction of the mirror into the fauces. He advised against allowing milk to stand in the sun since it rapidly became depasteurized. The proceedings of the Congress were taken by a stenographer and the publication of the report will follow.during the The members, of the Congress eagerly seized the opportunity to visit the Veterinary School in Berne, which has been entirely remodelled, and had a chance to become acquainted with the latest arrangements which have been made to meet all the demands of science and practice. The subject in this case was a thoroughbred mare, five years old, and in about the fifth month of pregnancy. At the time of writing the decision of the Court has not been given. No hemorrhage at this time, but moderate pounds.

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