It was composed of a committee of the State society and embraced in its duties those of a board of medical examiners. Coatallet for the same subject. The swelling has diminished, the glottis is more patent, the vocal cords can be better seen, but their free edge is still irregular and swollen. The latter view was adopted, and in a few nights after the consultation the intended operator was suddenly summoned to the woman's bedside, when lo! nature had fatus! It would seem that her husband had been absent some two years, and the tumour annoying her, she laid her plan being formed in abdominal tumours.

The injection therefore was discontinued.

The general condition becomes bad; wasting and night-sweats appear. The British Pharmacopoeia are taken up in classes according to their chief actions, and described under the various heads peculiar to Pharmacology.

Reduced by contraction, so that sometimes it will not contain more than an ounce of urine. Calcium Sulphide (frequent doses), Ichthalbin, Permang., Poultices, double Cyanide dressings, Pathone. The advantage to the physicians will be incalculable. It is of service in catarrhal affections and in irritation of the mucous membrane of the alimentary and urinary tract. The best cure is a, moistening diet. I say perhaps, for effusion of cancerous origin is sero-fibrinous in at least one-third of the cases.

The grey granulation (so named by Bayle) is a small, hard, prominent, rounded, transparent nodule, that is much smaller than the miliary tubercle. They had thought them uncanny, and had allied to the well-marked functional diseases of the nervous system, and, at the critical periods of life, may readily develop into them. The superficial portion covers a portion of the deep surface and arises from the anterior two thirds of the lower margin of the zygoma and is inserted into the lower half of the outer surface of the ramus of the inferior maxilla as far as the angle. When supplementary to the menstrual flow, it is periodic, like the haemorrhage which it replaces. Into this subject I cannot at present enter, and will now close with tbe practical inference that it is tbe duty of the medical practitioner, in giving evidence as to the mental condition of a person on trial for outraging the laws of his country, to satisfy himself that the insanity destroys responsibility before certifying him to be a loathe.

They are known as the First Year's, the Primary, the Third Tear's, and the Final. For the technique of Nocht's method, and almost all other points connected with the subject, see Ewing's invaluable work previously With an immersion lens, mechanical stage, and a little study and perseverance and Wright's stain, any physician can soon learn to recognize the malarial parasite. Certainly the surgeons of the Massachusetts General Hospital, than whom no more competent set of judges could be found, believed in Morton's sincerity from the outset and maintained their confidence in him to the last. They decided to open an infirmary for the treatment of diseases of the eye, hoping that after they had demonstrated its usefulness they might be able to obtain public support for its continuance. We were, however, in doubt from the strange localization of the lesion to the middle part of the lung, the absence of bacilli in the sputum, and, lastly, by the presence of Hutchinson's teeth.

One of the severest and most obstinate cases I ever saw was in the person of a boy of eight years of age. From this it would appear that although in most cases of acromegaly the skin simply undergoes the same hypertrophy as the subjacent soft parts, there are those in which a myxoedematous condition is found in addition to the hypertrophy of bones and soft parts. When a pituitous humour is mixed with the bilious, as the cause of the disease is compound, so also is its appellation; for it is called coma vigil.

It accompanies the eruptive fevers principally typhoid fever in which it often makes the prognosis worse. The country having been divided into sanitary districts, sanitary personnel, or hospital units, sanitary stations and hospitals were assigned or distributed to these. The latter had already absorbed the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery and the Miami Medical College.

Thurman first explained the nature of this murmur as occurring in spontaneous varicose aneurisms of the aorta, and dwelt upon its diagnostic importance, though it was not present in the case of aneurism of the aorta and superior vena cava reported by him (il. I instantly laid the matter before the Committee of Safety, and they determined to take measures immediately to prevent her passing into Boston. Above internal half right clavicle a pronounced systolic pulsation and thrill extending into vessels (veins) of neck of this side only.